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Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger: Unsung Hero of the Shire

For Tolkien fans who have only seen film interpretations or haven’t read The Lord of the Rings recently, the name Fatty Bolger probably doesn’t mean much. Fatty is one of the residents of the Shire who plays “Sir Not Appearing in This Film.” And I think that’s too bad. He’s one of Frodo’s closest friends. He protected Frodo’s secret. He ...

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Cool Like Bombadillo

(Tom Bombadil by The Brothers Hildebrandt) J.R.R. Tolkien’s character of Tom Bombadil was based on one of the author’s beloved childhood toys—a doll that accidentally got flushed down a toilet. Many Tolkien aficionados wish that the enigmatic inhabitant of the Old Forest had stayed in that loo, never to resurface in Tolkien’s subconscious. I’m not one of those Bombadillo bashers, ...

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