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Jessica Jones Review

Image from TV series Jessica Jones

By Dom Nardi As I prepare for Season 2 of Daredevil (March 18), I decided to go back and share my thoughts on Jessica Jones, Netflix’s other Marvel series. Jessica Jones is Netflix’s second journey into the Marvel universe and has much in common with Daredevil. Both shows are set in Hell’s Kitchen, although the crossovers are for the most part minimal ...

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Synopsis of The Originals and Grimm

By Diane Riggins The Originals This week’s episode was intriguing. Elijah’s sired line is still intact while Klaus’ sired line has been severed. Vampires are coming after Klaus from all parts of the world. Cortez is one of those vampires. He forces Vincent to help him. Hayley is getting revenge for Jackson’s death by killing the Strix vampires one by ...

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Rebooted Conspiracies: Review of the X-Files Revival So Far

  After a fourteen-year hiatus, “The X-Files” have been reopened for a special six-episode event on Fox, kicking off with a two-night special premier. Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back investigating paranormal phenomena for the FBI, only this time their cases are more clandestine than before—the Files themselves are missing, and their assignments are ...

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Retrospective Review: Return of the Jedi

Retrospective Review: Return of the Jedi by Dom Nardi In preparation for The Force Awakens, I’m rewatching all six Star Wars films and sharing my thoughts here. This week, I look at Return of the Jedi, the final film in the story… until now! For almost 30 years, Return of the Jedi was the end of the Star Wars saga. ...

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First Impressions: The Force Awakens – SPOILER FREE

First Impressions: The Force Awakens (*Spoiler-Free*) by Dom Nardi I finally had a chance to see The Force Awakens! This review is intended to minimize the risk of spoilers for readers who have not had a chance to see the film yet. Later next week, I will write a more detailed review with spoilers to discuss some important moments in ...

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