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Battle of Phobos: Mavericks Pt. 2

Mavericks Pt.2 The Titan Deception Hail and well met again Free Folk!  We are back with the final review for the second book of The Battle of Phobos: Stretti. This time we again follow the adventures of charming rogue extraordinare Jack Wilgress.  This time he isn’t on a simple rescue mission though.  Through threats and manipulation, our hero has been ...

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Battle of Phobos: Mavericks Pt. 1

Mavericks: Firefight at Overwatch Command The charming rogue has become a familiar figure in modern fiction. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Green Arrow, modern renditions of Wolverine, Dash Rendar, Jack Sparrow, Malcom Renalds and others all present a picture of someone who has spent time on the darker side of life without being wholly corrupted by it. Despite the life they ...

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Battle of Phobos: Gongen Review

Being that I enjoyed the Earther books of the Wars series from Grail Quest Books so much, I decided to download and read the Gongen books to see how they fare.  And I must say, though very different and slower paced than the Earther books, they fared quite well indeed. The Great Journey by:  Sean P. Williams In the first ...

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