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INTERVIEW: Author and Narrative Designer Noble Smith

If you’re a die-hard Tolkien fan (like the Legendarium team and so many of our readers are), you’ve no-doubt heard of Noble Smith’s non-fiction book, The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life, in which Noble “sheds a light on the life-changing ideas tucked away inside the classic works of J.R.R. Tolkien and his ...

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Baldor the Hapless: Epic Fail in The Lord of the Rings

Over the last year I’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings out loud to my son, and it’s been wonderful to re-experience Tolkien and Middle-earth through the eyes of a nine-year-old boy. The other night we came to the chapter The Passing of the Grey Company where Aragorn and his companions enter the Haunted Mountain and find the mysterious ...

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Jemima Catlin and The Hobbit

Jemima Catlin and The Hobbit by Noble Smith I have many editions of The Hobbit in my collection, from Alan Lee’s handsomely illustrated edition, to the bizarre Rankin and Bass animated film book tie-in, to the one with Michael Hague’s sumptuous paintings. All of them have a place in my heart for one reason or another, along with my favorite ...

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Break Bread Like A Hobbit

Break Bread Like A Hobbit by Noble Smith Are meals at your house a hasty and chaotic event? Do members of your family fight at the table? Have you ever made a meal and not been thanked for all the hard work you put into it? If so, you and your family might want to take after the Shire-folk and ...

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Author Noble Smith Joins the Legendarium Team!

Legendarium Media is pleased to announce the name of our newest reporter – Noble Smith! “I am very excited about joining the Legendarium Team. Fantasy and science fiction have played a huge part in my life, as well as shaping me as an author. I am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts with Legendarium’s readers.” – Noble Smith ...

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