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Art Sqool: An ExtraFilthy Casual Review

Art Sqool review - on The Fantasy Network News

Can a video game make you more creative? Is art really your thing? Can you draw a scream? All of these questions and more can be answered when you attend Art Sqool (a game for Nintendo)! You are a froshmin, named Froshmin, and under the guidance of your AI professor, Professor Qwertz, you tackle thought-provoking art prompts, such as “draw a ...

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Link and Zelda are coming…to Netflix?

Link and Zelda are coming…to Netflix? By David Glenn   It was reported earlier this month that Netflix was working on a new fantasy show. They hinted at it being like Game of Thrones, but geared towards a family audience. The speculation right now is that they’re developing a series based off Nintendo’s game series The Legend of Zelda. Everyone ...

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Anime News: Pokemon – The Origin

  Greetings fellow fans of the fantastical! I am so glad you could make it today, because I have some fabulous news to bring such wonderful smiles to your inner hearts. Well, some of you maybe…some of you might cringe and groan. That’s okay. Ever since I can recall–okay, okay–maybe not that long ago–but since I was in primary school, ...

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