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LucasFilm Says Film Post Production May Be a Thing Of The Past

Last year LucasArts was preparing to launch a new Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313, which would have put players into the underground crime world of Level 1313 on Coruscant to uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Fans were excited about this game because it was epic and would have allowed explorations of the Star Wars world never seen ...

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EA Games Acquires Star Wars Rights

EA Games Acquires Star Wars Rights by Michelle Lawhorn With the closing of LucasArts by Disney just last month, all hope of the already in-progress Star Wars video games being released, including the highly anticipated 1313, seemed lost. But there is a light in the darkness! EA Games has announced that they have acquired exclusive rights to release new Star ...

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LucasArts Announces Shut Down of its Gaming Division

Employees at LucasArts were notified today that Disney will be discontinuing gaming production and will go forward in a “licensing model” in the future. The announcement will see over 150 employees lose their jobs. This news coming after the announcement recently that the animation department,creator of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, would also be coming to and end. “After evaluating ...

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