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Tolkien Cooking: Mr. Bungo Baggins’ Over the Hill and Across the Water Salad

“Mr. Bungo Baggins’s Over the Hill and Across the Water Salad” by Astrid Tuttle Winegar As promised, here is a healthy salad for Bombur. A nice short post this time, with relatively few ingredients—perfect for summertime! I’m imagining that Bilbo’s father liked to dabble in gardening and specialized in salad creations, so I’m naming this for him. Bungo built Bag-End ...

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“Gotham” to Premier at Comic-Con and More!

“Gotham” to Premier at Comic-Con and More! by A.D. Poole On Monday, June 30, 2014, DC Comics and Comic-Con revealed that DC and Warner Brothers will partner for a special WBTV/DC Entertainment Saturday Night, featuring the World Premier of Gotham on July 26 at Comic-Con 2014. In addition to the premier pilot episode of Gotham, Comic-Con goers will be treated ...

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Hobbit Baking: "Beautiful Round Seed-Cake"

“Beautiful Round Seed-Cake” by Astrid Tuttle Winegar “Rifflo,” a.k.a. Mr. Steve Fitch, asked me (very nicely) to contribute the occasional recipe to Legendarium. So I would like to follow the story of The Hobbit first, then eventually get around to The Lord of the Rings. I may take detours to Narnia, Westeros, or maybe Hogwarts; I may even dally in ...

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"Legend of the Red Reaper": The New Female Driven Fantasy Action Franchise

More about this project: From the official press release: Legend of the Red Reaper is a female perspective on the sword and sorcery genre. What could possibly go wrong? Legend of the Red Reaper had a unprecedented streak of bad luck. Shady producers embezzled 40% of the production budget, the director of photography passed away during production, the director and ...

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