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Game of Thrones TV Series “Will Spoil the Books”

With the recent announcement that George R.R. Martin is focusing on writing the next installment The Winds of Winter (insert impatient sigh), Game of Thrones fans are itching to watch the fifth season, staring April 12th. With the series poised to outpace Martin’s books, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff have recently confirmed that the new shows will “spoil the ...

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Pre-Raphaelite Style

A Song of Ice and Fire Pre-Raphaelite Style by Joe Gilronan There are some truly stunning pieces of art connected to the George RR Martin novels, the following link being a prime example. George RR Martin: However, there are alternatives? With a few tweaks and a little imagination I have always thought that the art of the Pre-Raphaelites makes for ...

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Posters: "Hear Them Roar!"

“Hear them roar”! The Lannisters are featured in Entertainment Weekly for the upcoming 4th season. “Each actor carries an expression that suits their character: Tywin’s gives a deadly look of warning, Tyrion in chains is a mix of fear and anger, Joffrey radiates hate, Jaime (and doesn’t he look like a chiseled statue here?) carries some brooding inner conflict, while ...

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The Lore of Game of Thrones

The amazing video is part one of the lore of Game of Thrones. It was created from combined clips from the Blu-Ray, Season one DVD. For those that wish to catch up on the history of Westeros within an hour, this is the video for you. Time index: The Children of the Forest, the First Men and the Andals: 0:00 ...

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