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The Russo Brothers’ Ghostbusters Could Really be Happening

Since the Sony e-mail leak last fall, the rumors of a Channing Tatum / Chris Pratt Ghostbusters film have been fairly persistant. Joe and Anthony Russo have been rumored to direct the film, potentially between directing Captain America: Civil War and The Avengers: Infinity War – Parts 1 and 2. With Captain America wrapping sometime soon for a May 2016 release, and Avengers 3 and 4 ...

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Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe coming from Sony Pictures’ Ghost Corps

As a fan of all things Ghostbusters, I had been upset with the direction that the new movie was taking. I’m not against the idea of women being Ghostbusters at all, rather an entire team composed of women exclusively. I’d have been fine with any combination of men and women on the team, as has happened in the comics and ...

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Toronto Comicon 2013 Report: The Ontario Ghostbusters

During the Toronto Comicon 2013, I ran into a familiar feature at the Con…The Ontario Ghostbuster. I was able to get the very witty Brily Lepine to talk to me about the organization. “Who are the Ontario Ghostbusters?” (From their website) Our mission: The Ontario Ghostbusters is a Fan- based costuming group interested in attending events in costume to entertain ...

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