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Sword-Fighting Fantasy Film “Myrlan” Comes to TFN

Myrlan - an indie fantasy sword-fighting film debuting on The Fantasy Network

Set in a faux-medival world in which an ambitious young king plots a bloody expansion to his kingdom while a band of rebels plot to seize his throne, the sword-fighting fantasy film MYRLAN by Pale Raven Pictures premieres this month on The Fantasy Network. And the concept promises to thrill fantasy fans who appreciate a good sword fight and the fight ...

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Creative Freedom: A Take on the Ayer’s Cut of Suicide Squad

Guest post written by @filmschoolrooki — find them on Twitter. Wanted to share my thoughts on the unreleased Ayer Cut of The Suicide Squad, but first a little about me. As an indie filmmaker on my local scene and what we call the DMV (short for D.C., Maryland & Virginia), I had my creative baptism. Since 2014 I was introduced ...

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Working for Free: 8 Things for Creatives to Consider

As a creative filmmaker or artist, when (if ever) should I work for free? That’s a question all creatives face at some point. The challenge is, if you decide on a blanketed statement of “I don’t do free” as a creative, you likely end up wishing you would have a time or two. Now, I fully get why working for ...

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Making It Happen: Dark Darkness Filmmaker Wilson Large

Interview with Dark Darkness filmmaker Wilson Large on The Fantasy Network News

The filmmaking process provides many outlets for both creatives and people with technical skills. Some work in film as a job, while others just do it for the fun of it. Some people are casual filmmakers, and some are bitten by the bug and can’t get it out of their system. This is what happened to filmmaker Wilson Large, creator ...

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Stories that Need to Be Told: Eveshka Ghost, Creator of The Bastard Sword

Sometimes you just have to get a project out there. You must use the resources you have to create what you can; otherwise you will never know whether it could have been done to begin with. Polished or not, sometimes you just have to do the work, make the film. Our latest Content Creator Interview features Eveshka Ghost, a filmmaker ...

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Shades of Geekdom: A Chat with bLERDS Web Series Creator Hank Byrd

Filmmaker Hank Byrd always dreamed of creative endeavors. A third-grade math teacher by day, Byrd builds relationships in the arts and diverse communities throughout his home city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he seeks to uncover the stories behind critical issues affecting the quality of life among north Tulsa residents. He also spends time writing, directing and creating unique indie films ...

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The Road to the End ( A Lord of the Rings fan film)

It’s exciting to see so much great fan content out there and especially for great fantasy and science fiction worlds. The Hunt for Gollum and Born of Hope are great examples of fans  adding to the Middle-Earth mythos, making the content out there that much more rich and enjoyable. I came across another Lord of the Rings fan film by ...

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