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Extended Trailer: Vikings Season 3

What we see is the battle between father and Son. The Son who want to do something else than where his father wish for. The battle between feelings and wisdom. strategy, power play and betrayal. A seer who see the future. Lagertha who is asking about her dead. What we see in this piece of the trailer is very important. ...

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Vikings Season 2: My Thoughts So Far

Hail Vikings fans. You got to see this season. Or first catch up season 1 and then start to see season 2. My expectations were high after seen season 1. I needed to wait for almost 5 months. The others much longer. But it is totally worth it. On Sunday the 6th of April Season 2 of Vikings started in ...

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"VIKINGS": The Season Premiere Q & A

“VIKINGS”: The Season Premiere Q & A by Tamara Bakx Recently the new season of Vikings aired in the USA and Canada. Several cast members were on Twitter or U-Stream to answer questions from fans. Due to the overload of questions and the amount of cast members who were online to answer them, I wasn’t able to catch all of ...

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