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To Short or Not to Short: Filmmaking Tips from The Forge Studios

I’m usually not a huge proponent of shorts, as there are not many monetary opportunities for them. However, they have become our “go-to” over at The Forge Studios. Why? There are several factors… It Builds a Team Production is the “fun” part of filmmaking, and it gives people opportunity. Filmmaking is a team sport, and there are so many who ...

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Fear Not – Share Your Story!

Look, I get it. We all have heard the horror stories of filmmakers sharing their ideas with the wrong person and suddenly seeing them up on screen without their knowledge or consent. But let’s not take caution too far. You don’t want to become trapped in the fear of sharing that leads you to do nothing. Unless you plan to ...

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Stories that Need to Be Told: Eveshka Ghost, Creator of The Bastard Sword

Sometimes you just have to get a project out there. You must use the resources you have to create what you can; otherwise you will never know whether it could have been done to begin with. Polished or not, sometimes you just have to do the work, make the film. Our latest Content Creator Interview features Eveshka Ghost, a filmmaker ...

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Prequel Pitfalls and a Philosophy of Filmmaking, Part II: Respect Your Elders

The first blog in this series looked at some of the inherent weaknesses in the prequel and origin story concepts, which have to fight an uphill battle for meaning when set against an endpoint which has been predetermined for them. Whatever has come before- a work famous enough to warrant a prequel follow-up- is clearly set in stone, and trying ...

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Interview with X-Men Fan Film Star, Maya Glick

After finally calming down from my excitement about this project, I had the chance to ask filmmaker Maya Glick a few questions about her Storm-centric fan film. First of all, there are all kinds of interesting and provoking female characters in the X-Men franchise. What drew you to Storm instead of the other X-Ladies (yes, I’m making that a thing ...

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