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‘Dying Light’ Review – Parkouring Into Your Nightmares

As I turn the corner on a market street in Harran, Turkey, zombies turn to face the pounding of my footsteps. I quickly jump onto the nearest delivery van and then scale the building next to it in order to get away from the undead horde. Unfortunately I’ve attracted some of the more nimble infected and they are quickly climbing ...

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Dying Light First Impressions

It’s hard to think about my first 6 hours or so in Dying Light without coming back to one word: disappointing. The game itself seems fun, being a mix between Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island 2. However the most of my time within Techland’s Zombie survival game has been in menus and watching FPS counters, not experiencing the game itself. Before it’s said “Well ...

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‘Dying Light’ Release Date, Free “Be The Zombie” Mode For All Players

first Person Dying Light

Techland’s Dying Light has been making a little news this week, though not for some of the best reasons. The game is slated to release next Tuesday, but some people have been wondering if this was still to be the case. Techland released information regarding the target date for Dying Light. Here are the dates, as broken down by the Zombie game ...

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