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The Sci-Fi/Horror/Gaming Audio Dramas of Fool & Scholar

In the world of audio fiction, success tends to be a team effort. That’s clear in the work Travis Vengroff and Kaitlin Statz, the husband-wife duo behind Fool & Scholar Productions—an award-winning podcast network that produces horror, RPG, and sci-fi podcast fiction. Their efforts in podcasting began simply enough, as a creative hobby they could do together. Soon, with Statz ...

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Table-Talk: The Games We Play

Gamers: A Motley Crew Table-top role-playing gamers are an odd lot. They gather around a table with tome-like manuals containing odd rules and intimidating charts. Their tools of the trade are funny-looking dice and freshly sharpened pencils. They often speak a language all their own, using terms like “Base Attack Bonus,” “Alignment,” “Sanity Attribute,” and “Blood Pool.” Endless hours are ...

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Neverwinter Adds New Class, Announces ‘Tyranny of Dragons’

Arc Games-developed MMO, Neverwinter, continues it’s “Season of Dragons” with their upcoming update to the game: Tyranny of Dragons. With this update, Neverwinter will see multiple new additions to Faerûn, such as a new class as well as the nefarious cult of Dragons. Introduced in a new trailer, the Scourge Warlock will make a welcome addition to any group, using dark forces from ...

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Indian Epic Mythology Table Top RPG to be Launched Soon

Indian Epic Mythology Table Top RPG to be Launched Soon – Report by Juhi Mendiratta If fantasy is the name of your game, and you’re constantly looking for something new to play, then news of the latest “Dungeons & Dragons” style game based on Hindu Mythology will definitely brighten your day. Titled ‘Maha Yodha’, this Fantasy table top war game ...

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The Lonely Mountain Band WINS 2013 DragonSlayer Award!

The votes have been tallied and The Lonely Mountain Band has won the award for “Best Gaming Team/Guild or Clan” of 2013! “We know that in elder days before the fall, the world was fair and mountains tall. Melkor and his minions including the newly risen ‘Witch-king of Angmar’ have marred Arda and seek to break the will of free ...

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