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REVIEW: Dune by Denis Villeneuve

Dune with Timothee Chalamet IMAX premiere scheduled - learn more on The Fantasy Network News

Whoever controls the spice controls the universe… If you’re a fan of DUNE by Frank Herbert, you already know the drill. Young kid with psychic powers flees into exile, only to rise to power by manipulating the spiritual legends of the natives of the planet he’s exiled on. It’s the hero’s journey, twisted by religious dogma, political brouhahas, lots of ...

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Sand in Your Reboot? It Must Be Villeneuve’s DUNE

A look at the 2020 Dune film on The Fantasy Network News

What is it about literary, philosophical science fiction that draws readers in, but drives filmmakers to distraction—challenging the very notion of whether some things are just impossible to adapt into a movie? If you’re asking that question about Dune, then you’re probably creating the right mindset for whatever happens—good, bad, or ugly—when director Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the famed sci-fi ...

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Hitchhiking to Arrakis: Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Effects Designer Bill Bryan

  With his grandfatherly beard and relaxed disposition, Bill Bryan could be anyone you’d meet on a park bench. But you wouldn’t imagine that he’s the designer of effects for some well-known movies such as “The Village,” worked as the puppeteer behind the killer doll Chucky in “Child’s Play,” and wore the suit of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghostbusters.” ...

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Legendary Dune Artist: John Schoenherr

From Omni Reboot – When thinking about how authors of speculative fiction contribute to the oeuvre of literature we cannot forget about the artists. An artist’s work can help make a book a success. In science fiction and fantasy often the greatest and most intriguing art graces the covers and can be the first thing that draws a reader into ...

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The Dune Saga Podcast

There’s a new Dune podcast out there! It’s for fans of both Frank Herbert’s original Dune series and Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert’s Dune books to listen to and geek out over. It’s called the Dune  Saga Podcast. Thanks to Middle-earth Network member Beror of the Bridge of Hrethgir blog for scouting it out and bringing it to the ...

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Book Review – Frank Herbert: The Works

One of the greatest science fiction epics of all time was written and published back in the 1960’s and it still has influence today. Frank Herbert’s Dune series is one of those great foundational stories that every one who enjoys science fiction or fantasy should read. But what went into Herbert’s making of this epic story? What went into all ...

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