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Battle of Phobos: Mavericks Pt. 2

Mavericks Pt.2 The Titan Deception Hail and well met again Free Folk!  We are back with the final review for the second book of The Battle of Phobos: Stretti. This time we again follow the adventures of charming rogue extraordinare Jack Wilgress.  This time he isn’t on a simple rescue mission though.  Through threats and manipulation, our hero has been ...

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Battle of Phobos: Mavericks Pt. 1

Mavericks: Firefight at Overwatch Command The charming rogue has become a familiar figure in modern fiction. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Green Arrow, modern renditions of Wolverine, Dash Rendar, Jack Sparrow, Malcom Renalds and others all present a picture of someone who has spent time on the darker side of life without being wholly corrupted by it. Despite the life they ...

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Battle of Phobos: Gongen Review

Being that I enjoyed the Earther books of the Wars series from Grail Quest Books so much, I decided to download and read the Gongen books to see how they fare.  And I must say, though very different and slower paced than the Earther books, they fared quite well indeed. The Great Journey by:  Sean P. Williams In the first ...

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Battle of Phobos: Earthers Review

Greetings fair travelers of the perilous realm!  Grail Quest Books has recently released the second collection in their series of Wars books.  These books are based on an old trading carding card series from Decipher about an ongoing conflict between the corporate entities of Earth, the collectivist Gongen of Mars and the cybernetic and hyper-individualistic Mavericks.   The Battle of Phobos ...

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