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April Nerd Block Unboxing

Talk about a turn around. Earlier this month, I did a review of my March Nerd Block Box. It was…well…okay. I loved some items and meanwhile tucked others away in a closet. NOT THIS MONTH. Yesterday the April Nerd Block plopped onto my porch. I was excited and curious to see what was in it. This time, I was not ...

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A Sarcastic Review of the New Deadpool Movie *Spoilers*

Courtesy of The following review is written with the trademark sarcasm of Deadpool. This is not the usual style of the article’s author, just more a literary experiment. The author doesn’t normally write like this, and opinions expressed in this review are all jokes (except the whole “this film is great and you should go see it” thing). If ...

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Morena Baccarin Cast in the Deadpool Film

Morena Baccarin, star of Homeland, Firefly, Gotham, and V, has been cast opposite Ryan Reynolds in the new Deadpool film. Fox will be releasing the flick, which is slated to begin filming next month. Fox anticipates a February 2016 release. Reynolds confirmed his involvement with the project after a screen test was leaked on the internet. Reynolds is a fan ...

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Fox's X-verse is Exploding

X-Men, X-Force, Deadpool and Magneto too?  What in the name of Kirby is going on over at Fox? As anyone who follows superhero movies knows, Fox has had control of the X-Men movie rights for sometime and has put out three main X-Men movies, one X-Men First Class and one Wolverine (with the second about to be released).  And as ...

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