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Reimagining a Traditional Biblical Story: Jonah’s Voyage to Atlantis

Jonah's Voyage to Atlantis

What do you get when you blend a well-known character of Biblical proportions with a mysterious myth that still captivates people today, and add in a touch of inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien? If you’re comic creator Philip Kosloski, you get an imaginative new story, Jonah’s Voyage to Atlantis — which tells a version of Jonah’s tale that is superbly inventive. Taking ...

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Animation, Comic Show “Acme News” Debuts on TFN

Acme News airing on The Fantasy Network News

Fans of comics, animation and illustrated SFF know it’s not always easy to find news on what’s happening in this part of fandom. But the guys behind Acme News are changing that. Tune in and join show creators and hosts MylesTales and DomZilla as they report what’s happening this week in the sometimes not so wacky world of cartoons. MylesTales is ...

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Faith and Fandom: One Man’s Quest to Take the Gospel to the Geeks

  Hector Miray is a man on a quest. As a pastor, his life’s mission is to spread the message of Jesus Christ. But Hector is no ordinary preacher. He writes devotionals that illustrate biblical themes using characters from DC Comics and popular shows like “Doctor Who.” Then he takes his work to a venue that few ministries have tapped ...

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“The Lego Batman Movie” Builds Witty Commentary on Superheroes

When Batman showed up as a mini-figure in “The Lego Movie” three years ago, he was easily “the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person” in the movie. Now he returns to the Lego universe in “The Lego Batman Movie” and delivers a performance so metal that even Ozzy Osbourne will would have second thoughts about biting him. “The ...

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NYCC 2015: Marvel Announces “Obi-Wan and Anakin” Comic Book

Prior to the establishment of the Lucasfilm Story Group, the only way to find out more about the adventures (and headaches) of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his new apprentice Anakin Skywalker was to go to novels like Rogue Planet and the Jedi Quest young reader series. Now Marvel is revisiting those ten years between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the ...

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Rob-Con 2015: An Affordable Convention With Lots to Offer, August 1-2nd

Looking for an affordable convention with lots to offer? Check out Rob-Con in Bristol VA/TN! This weekend, convention guests can peruse many interesting booths featuring comic books, action figures, and franchise collectibles all while meeting artists, actors, and writers. The Con is named after the owner of Mountain Empire Comics Robert Pilk. Pilk, along with his business partner John Stone, started ...

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Super Heroes at Free Comic Book Day 2015

  On May 2nd, 2015, Spider Man, Nightwing, and Zatanna assembled before Desert Dune Comics and Games in Fuquay-Varina, NC. These three heroes came in full gear to support their friend, Tim Rogers, and his store on 2015 Free Comic Book Day. They represented a larger team called Enchanted Wishes, a league of heroes and princesses whose mission is to ...

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Renee Witterstaetter Discusses the “Business of Comics”

At the WizardWorld Comic Con in Raleigh, NC, Renee Witterstaetter took the time to go on the record with Legendarium Media. Witterstaetter worked as an artist, writer, and editor with DC, Marvel, and Topps Comics and now runs her own publishing company, Eva Ink.   Legendarium: What interested you in the comic book industry? Renee Witterstaetter: Oh, well, gosh, I’ve ...

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Invader Zim Is Back!

After over ten years, the misadventures of the dumber-than-the-average-extraterrestrial will continue this July, albeit in comic form. The Nickelodeon show Invader Zim became a cult favorite after its cancellation in 2003 for its irreverent and often dark humor, something that Nickelodeon has yet to reproduce. Support for the story of the incredibly incompetent alien trying to take over the Earth ...

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Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Is a Great Thing and Here’s Why

So, Zack Snyder released a preview of what Aquaman is going to look like in Batman v. Superman. Let me tell you why, despite the grumblings of the purists in the background, this is probably maybe the best thing ever. Take a look at Aquaman as he has been throughout the years: Superfriends (1973-1986) Justice League (2001-2004) New 52 comic ...

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