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No Gods, No Parents – Adoption in Orphan Black

In the second episode of Orphan Black‘s fourth season, “Transgressive Border Crossing”, there is a small but important side story happening with Sara’s brother – secondary character Felix – on an often-avoided subject that I am thankful to see become a plot point. If you’re not familiar with the show, Orphan Black is present-day sci-fi, where several of the main ...

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Doctor Who Review: Every Christmas is Last Christmas

Doctor Who Review: Every Christmas is Last Christmas- By James Wylder Every Christmas, shows all over TV try to tackle their Christmas episodes. Some go the shlock route, and make their episodes as gross or irreverent as possible, and some go sentimental and go so over the top in telling the audience the meaning of Christmas that there is a ...

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Teaser for BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

BBC has released the first clip of its adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s bestselling novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. If you’re a fan of fantasy and haven’t read this beautiful book yet, you should definitely do so before the seven part BBC mini-series hits television screens in 2015. In the meantime, watch the clip below and let us know what you ...

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Doctor Who Extra: Behind the Scenes of “Kill The Moon” (S8E7)

This week, the Doctor and Clara (and a surprise temporary companion) made some rather interesting discoveries about our moon…  So interesting, in fact, that the episode centers around the question that the title hints at:  Should the Doctor and his companions actually kill the moon? If you have not already seen this week’s episode, make sure to catch up before watching ...

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Doctor Who Extra: Behind the Scenes of “The Caretaker” (S8E6)

Doctor Who Extra

Another week of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. Another glimpse at his considerable talent at playing a curmudgeonly grump, an aloof wanderer, a pompous know-it-all and a childish prankster all in the space of a single episode.  Even in the space of a single scene, it feels at times! “The Caretaker” really showcased the 12th Doctor’s humor as well as his ...

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Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Tonight

Calling all Whovians! The wait is finally over. Tonight, season eight of Doctor Who will finally begin on the BBC with “Deep Breath.”  After much speculation and the fiasco with leaked episodes, we can view the episode with all of the polish that Moffat intended. To visit details on the episode, visit the BBC site: Reflections from those who ...

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Doctor Who Scripts: Why You Shouldn’t Peek at the Leaked! *SPOILERS*

Next month comes the long-awaited return of Doctor Who to the BBC. For some hackers, however, the wait was simply too much. Just recently, five scripts, including the first episode Deep Breath, were leaked on the internet.  The BBC server in Miami was left “unsecured” when six scripts went missing and resurfaced on various illegal downloading sites. Once the security ...

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Doctor Who: Series 8 Trailer

Doctor Who: Series 8 Trailer Exciting news for Doctor Who fans – the full trailer for the upcoming season with the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, has finally been released. The trailer shows us some old and familiar faces, most notably the most recent Companion, Clara, even as it introduces us to an older, perhaps darker version, of the ...

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Doctor Who World Tour Announced!

Allons-y! With the launch of the Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in July, the BBC has announced a world tour to promote the new season. The tour will include Capaldi, companion Jenna Coleman, and writer Steven Moffat (not confirmed for all dates due to scheduling conflicts). The tour will cover seven cities across five continents in twelve days, beginning in Cardiff on August ...

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