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Phantastes: A Gorgeous Visual Feast for Fantasy Fans

Phantastes original art from Cave Pictures Publishing

New Kickstarter graphic novel blends gorgeous art and storytelling the likes of which Lord of the Rings fans won’t want to miss! Ever heard of Scottish writer George MacDonald? His fantastical stories aren’t just a lot of fun to explore—they’re also an influence and source of inspiration for numerous well-known fantasy writers like J.M. Barrie, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Neil ...

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Lego Assembles New “The Lego Batman Movie” Content and Inspires Fans to “Build Something Batman”

 “The Lego Batman Movie” swooped  into theaters everywhere, but there’s more content for Bat-fans to enjoy after the credits. Lego posted a series of online mini-movies that connect characters from “The Lego Batman Movie” to related Lego products. Each video tells a brief story about each Lego set related to the movie, often ending with a twist representing the creativity ...

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New Indiana Jones Animated Movie a Must-See!

Indiana Jones Animated Movie

New Adventure, Travel-Sized It’s time to dust off your whip and fedora, because Indiana Jones is back for another adventure!  No, I’m not talking about Indy 5; I’m talking about “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” an animated movie by Patrick Schoenmaker. And because it has everything fans want, it’s a must-see! The globe-trotting hero embarks on a quest to find another ...

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Tristram and Isolde: A fantasy poem

In winter she was wed to him, in white and gleaming gold Her skin was fair as frozen dew, her features without fault. Her lips were red as robin’s blood, her voice as soft as silk But when she smiled he turned away, as though she made him ill. The morrow’s morning, bright and fair, he rose and slipped away, ...

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Her Universe Fashion Design Contest Open for Submissions!

Last year, Her Universe launched their first fashion show featuring outfits inspired by sci-fi and fantasy characters not from industry pros like Gaultier or Dolce & Gabanna, but FANS! This year they’re back for a second round! Calling all designers for the chance of a lifetime! The ultimate runway for fangirl fashion is back bigger and better for this year’s ...

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Tolkien Reading Day 2015: Middle-Earth Inspired Art by Joe Gilronan

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit” – J.R.R Tolkien. The 10 words that for me started a love affair with the writings of Tolkien and in particular Middle Earth, 10 words that have shaped my art. In A Hole In The Ground On this most auspicious of days I find myself revisiting the writings of J.R.R ...

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Legendary Dune Artist: John Schoenherr

From Omni Reboot – When thinking about how authors of speculative fiction contribute to the oeuvre of literature we cannot forget about the artists. An artist’s work can help make a book a success. In science fiction and fantasy often the greatest and most intriguing art graces the covers and can be the first thing that draws a reader into ...

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Wars on Kinkade by Jeff Bennett

If you’ve ever looked at the puzzle section of your local store or flipped through a Hallmark catalog, you’ve probably seen some of the works of Thomas Kinkade at one point or another. Kinkade was known for his serene yet surreal depictions of cottages, mountains, and lakeside domiciles. He was once cited as “America’s most-collected living artist” before his death ...

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From Middle-Earth to Star Wars: An Interview with Artist Jerry Vanderstelt

Jerry Vanderstelt has been drawing since he was eight years old. His interest in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy was triggered early by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. His clients have included the Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange, Hasbro Toys, and Lucasfilm Ltd. Recently, you can find his work as commissioned by Warner Bros. And New Line ...

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An Interview with Fantasy Artist, Danielle Storey

(From the 2012 Interview) While attending Fan Expo Canada, I was fortunate to meet Danielle Storey and view her amazing artwork. After talking with Danielle about her work, I realized how knowledgeable and passionate she was about the fantasy genre. By the time I left her table, not only did I leave with several of her art prints, but I ...

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