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Game of Thrones

Pirates of Westeros

“Pirates of Westeros!” By Olga A. When I, like a lot of people, hear the word “pirate”, I immediately envisage a certain picture extremely vividly. The gentle ocean breeze wafting over the sparkling blue ocean. A creaky wooden vessel with a menacing Jolly Roger heading for the horizon, and on it, a wild band of rogues and buccaneers, splendid in ...

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Game of Thrones Confirmed for Season 4

Game of Thrones Confirmed for Season 4 by Contributing Reporter Olga A. Girlfriends and boyfriends of die-hard Game of Thrones fans out there, who themselves just cannot tell the difference between a Stark and a Baratheon, brace yourselves! HBO has officially stated on 3 April that there will be a fourth season of the series. Hence, more cold-blooded killings by ...

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