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Catholic father of five and life-long nerd, theviking began nerd life as a socially awkward Star Wars fan who then branched out into comics thanks a boring summer vacation. These days, he reads most anything, watches a number of nerdy shows, plays with his kids, works as a proofreader for the fine folks at Grail Quest Books and volunteers at his parish and kids' school.

Gotham, Ep.8 – The Mask

Things just keep getting better in Gotham, if you’re a viewer that is.  If you’re living in the city, things are just getting crazier and scarier by the episode. In The Mask, we begin dealing with the fallout of Gordon and Bullock’s abbreviated crusade against the corruption of Gotham from the previous episode.  Gordon, knowing full well that he is ...

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Gotham: The Penguin’s Umbrella

Yes, I know this is running a little later than usual.  What can I say, life happens.  Moving on… Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is how make a great episode!  Redemption, taking a stand, twists, turns, it’s got it all! We begin with everyone reacting to the revelation that Cobblepot is still alive.  Basically, the Falcone people, including Harvey Bullock ...

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Gotham Ep. 6 (Spirit of the Goat) Review

The Spirit of the Goat is one of the most interesting episodes of Gotham thus far.  We get insight into just what makes one of the main characters tick, a serial killer with a unique method that serves as another excellent precursor to the Gotham to be and a major development in the life of James Gordon.  As always, spoilers ...

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Gotham Ep. 5 (Viper) Review

Gotham has been enjoying a fairly successful run this fall on Fox. After just the first few episodes, Fox felt confident enough to expand the first season from the initial to 16 episodes to a full run of 22; making it clear that Gotham is unlikely go the way of previous genre shows such as Firefly and more recently, Almost ...

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New From Grail Quest Books: Ryus Conflict (Reviewed)

Greetings fair travelers of the Perilous Realm!  Today I bring you another book review from the fine folks at Grail Quest Books.  This one is a short sci-fi work called Ryus Conflict.  As per usual, let us begin with a brief plot overview. Ryus conflict takes place in the distant future, with humanity in the first stages of expanding farther into the galaxy ...

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Clark Gregg Takes a Step to Actually Becoming Agent Coulson

So…do you remember this?     Yes?  Good.  As it turns out Clark Gregg didn’t just have the script writers on his side, he also has some genuine martial arts ability. Here’s the picture he posted on Facebook earlier today, getting his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For those who don’t know, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an effective grappling martial art ...

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An Axe-Wielding Minstrel Goes to Mythmoot

For those who don’t know, Mythmoot is one of the many brainchildren of Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor.  Eager for a a way to discuss The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey with fellow Tolkien enthusiasts the good professor established Mythmoot so that the desired gathering could watch the film and discuss it at length without upsetting the average movie goer.  And ...

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Gotham is Looking for a Young Bruce Wayne

Reports have emerged from rumor mill that the Gotham TV series in development at Fox is casting for a young Bruce Wayne.  As has already been reported elsewhere, the series will focus on a younger James Gordon and with this latest development, we also here that the primary plot (at least initially) will be Gordon’s investigation of murder of Bruce’s ...

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We have a Wonder Woman!

This just came out today – after much rumor and speculation, Warner Bros has finally announced not only that Wonder Woman will be appearing in the 2015 Superman/Batman movie but they have also announced their choice for the Amazonian warrior in Gal Gadot.  The Israeli actress is best known for her roll as Giselle Harabo in Fast & Furious and ...

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