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Michele has been writing and editing professionally since 1997. In 2017, she launched full-time into her own copywriting and editing business, serving marketing firms, service businesses, nonprofits, book publishers and consulting firms, as well as indie authors. She serves as Editor of the science fiction website and The Fantasy Network News. Michele is also co-founder of Writing Well Creative Writing Workshop and co-founder of Two Birds Author Services.

RPG Storytelling: Chat with Mike Atchley of DAWN OF DRAGONS

Dice Tower Theatre: Dawn of Dragons - a fantasy, family-friendly audio drama streaming on The Fantasy Network

Wondering what it takes to create an audio story based on tabletop gaming campaigns? Mike Atchley, the game master behind DICE TOWER THEATRE: DAWN OF DRAGONS, can tell you that and more. With Dawn of Dragons debuting this week on TFN Audio, the Fantasy Network’s new podcasting and audio drama channel featuring indie creators, Atchley joined us for a conversation ...

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TRAILER: The Campaign — Coming to TFN!

The Campaign - an RPG-inspired comic fantasy show on The Fantasy Network

Several friends reunite to delve into an old roleplaying game. By a critical fail and a mystical die, they are teleported into a world of magic, mayhem and monsters! They’re middle-aged and stuck in the middle ages. What could go wrong? Wait… what could go right? That’s the premise behind the entertaining RPG-inspired fantasy comedy, The Campaign, coming soon to TFN. Created by ...

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For Your Listening Pleasure: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Audio Shows Now on TFN

TFN Audio Channel - featuring audio dramas and talk podcasts about sci-fi, fantasy & horror on

Starting March 9, it’ll be easier than ever to catch entertaining, binge-worthy episodes of audio sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. A whole new audio channel full of great stories and genre talk is rolling out on The Fantasy Network. And in keeping with its commitment to supporting indies, the TFN Audio Channel will focus on bringing fans more of the SFF ...

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Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry Premieres on TFN

Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry - watch this tropey fantasy film on The Fantasy Network

Opportunistic jerk Mark Sanders is forced to join Gleahan of Eastvale, a delusional man who thinks he lives in a fantasy world. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the “Dark Lord” who apparently rules Duluth. But as Mark delves deeper into Gleahan’s fantasy, it becomes clear just how real — and insane — Gleahan’s plight truly is. This off-the-rails, ...

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Soundscapes: A Look at Music & Sound Production for Myrlan

Myrlan crew - an indie fantasy film on The Fantasy Network

In our final look behind-the-scenes with Myrlan, we take a look at what goes into creating the soundtrack, musical elements, and sound production of an indie film. Joining us for this chat are Helen Lyon, who composed the music for the film, and Harriet Wilmer-Richards, who recorded and did sound design for the film. What went into creating the musical ...

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Behind the Scenes with the Cast of Myrlan

Myrlan crew - an indie fantasy film on The Fantasy Network

As Myrlan, the medieval fantasy short film, makes its debut on The Fantasy Network, we took a little time to chat with some of the cast of Myrlan about the making of their film. Here are some of the insights they shared to give you a better view of how Myrlan came together from the actors’ point of view. How ...

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Gallowmere Coming Soon: Watch the Trailer

In the realm of Eldervin, Dwarves, Elves and Men occupy their own dwellings. Sadly, not all see eye to eye, and their feuds run deep into history. Now, something twisted lies in the forest of Eldervin. Dark magic has caused a sickness to fall over the sleepy village of Gallowmere. Jornas the Mage elicits his companions Dagon (Rogue), Nimue (Elf) and Solomon ...

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Gallowmere: A Grim-Dark Fantasy Starts Crowdfunding


Something twisted lies in a forest North East in the Realm of Elverdin. Dark magic has caused a sickness to fall over the sleepy village of Gallowmere. Jornas the Mage elicits his companions Dagon (Rogue), Nimue (Elf) and Solomon (Assassin) to assist in this Campaign to find the root of evil… Not all is as it seems. That’s the concept ...

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Sword-Fighting Fantasy Film “Myrlan” Comes to TFN

Myrlan - an indie fantasy sword-fighting film debuting on The Fantasy Network

Set in a faux-medival world in which an ambitious young king plots a bloody expansion to his kingdom while a band of rebels plot to seize his throne, the sword-fighting fantasy film MYRLAN by Pale Raven Pictures premieres this month on The Fantasy Network. And the concept promises to thrill fantasy fans who appreciate a good sword fight and the fight ...

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Myrlan: Coming Soon to TFN – Watch the Teaser Trailer

Myrlan - coming soon to The Fantasy Network

From Pale Raven Pictures comes MYRLAN, an indie fantasy film debuting soon on The Fantasy Network. Here’s the pitch: Inheriting the throne 20 years ago at the age of just 7, despotic king Markus journeys into the heart of the forest to satisfy the ancient harvest ritual of his people. Rife with the violent ambition of his heritage, Markus seizes ...

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