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A Superheroine Musical: A Chat with Sarah Michele, Creator of “Incognita’s Infamous Adventures”

A.J. Pazeski is a washed-up superheroine whose life hasn’t gone as she dreamed. She moves to Big Pond City to be a contestant on “Superhero Idol,” only to be quickly eliminated. She and her sidekick, Connie, take desk jobs at The Place Where Things Are Edited so that they can stay in the city and pursue the superhero life, but ...

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Talking Masters of the Metaverse with Chris Ode

When a group of strangers is assembled by a secret program to become meta-pilots, you just know there’s going to be trouble, and maybe some heroism too. The pilots are inserted into the avatars of various beings in worlds beyond their imaginations. But all is not what it seems. What is the true purpose of the program? Why were they ...

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Making a Fiction Audio Drama: A Chat with the Cast of Broken Road

Broken Road podcast

Fans of BROKEN ROAD, the dystopian audio drama, have enjoyed getting to know the cast of characters behind the story. The show wouldn’t be as successful as it is—climbing the Chartable charts, and making best sci-fi podcast lists from both The Guardian and Fiction Horzon—without great actors. We chatted with three of them—Lana McKissack, who plays the heroine Rebecca; Taylor ...

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ElfQuest: The Audio Movie Is Live

Elfquest: The Audio Movie Coming to TFN

When a fierce tribe of woodland elves—the Wolfriders—are burned from their homes by hostile humans, their chief, Cutter, must tap every reserve of strength and will to lead his people to safety. Barely surviving brutal setbacks, the Wolfriders discover to their astonishment other elves—the Sun Folk—who exist in the world they thought was theirs alone. Now refugees, the hardship of ...

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The Celestial War Podcast Arrives at The Fantasy Network

One of the newest shows coming to TFN Audio Channel is The Celestial War podcast. Produced by Audio Dungeon’s Tony Hanson and Todd Heaney, The Celestial War makes a fabulous addition to the genre of tabletop role-playing podcasting that leans heavily into entertaining fantasy storytelling. The story begins on the edge of a war. It’s been thousands of years since ...

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TFN Audio Podcast Makers Nominated for New Jersey Web Fest Awards

It’s always a good feeling when the indie creators featured on The Fantasy Network have success. So, we’re thrilled to be able to share the latest good news… Ignore City Gains 6 Nominations Fiction podcast Ignore City has been nominated for six New Jersey Web Fest 2022 awards, including Outstanding Science Fiction, Best Writing/Script, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, ...

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House of the Dragon Is Here—and Fans Are Loving It

Game of Thrones fans, it’s time to get excited! Not only is House of the Dragon here and ready for viewing, it’s looking fantastic and audiences are loving it. In case you’ve been out of the loop, the trailer for this show has already had fans geeking out. The story takes place about 200 years before Game of Thrones, revealing all the fiery ...

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Get Ready for The Rings of Power Airing Sept 2

Yes, this fall is looking promising for Lord of the Rings fans. Amazon’s new series, The Rings of Power, begins airing September 2. You’ve probably seen the trailer already, but if not—or if just thinking about the show makes you want to watch it again—here it is: Fans know that there is a ton of other stories, notes and ideas that ...

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The Sword that Explodes: Mischievous Storytelling at Its Finest

In the mood for a comedic fantasy audio drama? Co-creators Olly Alsopp (writer) and Nick Briggs (producer/director/writer) have produced an absolutely delightful audio drama, The Sword that Explodes, which is coming to The Fantasy Network’s Audio Channel this year. Predominantly recorded remotely (good old lockdown, eh?) with some elements recorded at Rubber Factory Studio (when people were allowed out), The Sword that ...

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Broken Road: Now #9 on the Apple Podcast Charts

Ready for some post-apocalyptic, agri-fiction storytelling? It sure seems like fans are finding this story a perfect match for their audio listening pleasure. Fans can’t get enough of BROKEN ROAD — so much so that it’s hit the #9 spot on Chartable’s U.S. sci-fi podcasts list right now, and in the top 50 for U.S. fiction podcasts overall. If you haven’t ...

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