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Hello, my name is Ellie Lynn, and in this biography, I'm going to tell you about myself. An additive of being a gamer is the fact that I am a big fan of art. I enjoy viewing art and experiencing its emotions it gives to its finest. That's the reason why I get excited about the visual aspects of JRPGs. The characters are drawn and portrayed in stories it gives a lot of excitement. I also enjoy a good story. Good stories are just as important as the action within any game. Also, what is the main reason why the story of the game matters so much to me? I use to read a lot of books tho the years is why. A captivating story is a keeper for me. What I am in the main part of my life I work in the Medical Lab field, a mother one, and a student. In my non-professional life, besides being an anime fan: I am also a part-time twitch streamer, and part-time cosplayer. If you would like to follow up with me on social media, they will be listed as follows right here.

Final Fantasy 7: A Look Back…and a Look Forward

Image from Final Fantasy VII remake - review on The Fantasy Network News

The Final Fantasy Franchise has become a brand of its own, with all the fascinating games Square-Enix has put out over the years. Everyone looks forward to the next game that comes out with excitement and anticipation. That is because of the great impression that many different versions of the games have left us. Over the years, the titles that ...

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