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The Celestial War Podcast Arrives at The Fantasy Network

One of the newest shows coming to TFN Audio Channel is The Celestial War podcast. Produced by Audio Dungeon’s Tony Hanson and Todd Heaney, The Celestial War makes a fabulous addition to the genre of tabletop role-playing podcasting that leans heavily into entertaining fantasy storytelling.

The story begins on the edge of a war. It’s been thousands of years since the first celestial war in the world of Andaria, and many believe a second war will come soon. The Celestial War follows the adventures of six ordinary citizens of the world. All seek something better than what they have, but none are quite prepared for the journey that awaits.

Audio Dungeon: The Celestial War stands out for its unique storytelling, as it is cowritten between the storyteller, the characters’ on-the-spot decisions, as well as the fans’ interactions while watching the show. Imagine a world of fantasy that you help alter every week it’s on. Producer Tony Hanson joined TFN News to talk more about the podcast and what listeners can expect as they tune in on TFN Audio Channel.

TFN NEWS: How did you and your crew get into creating audio dramas/podcasts?

TONY HANSON: Many of the crew did acting in college, and all but Brooke played D&D growing up. Actually, the story we are playing has been going since I was 8 years old. I loved the idea of storytelling and making it as real as possible.

Fast forward to 2015, and we spoke about taking the story and game we love to everyone…and Audio Dungeon was born! We hired the production team, and they have quickly become our friends as well. The actors on crew have known each other for years!

What can listeners expect when they tune in to The Celestial War?

A fun mix of comedy and dedicated role play. We break character to mess around one second, and the next, people will be yelling across the table. We are always having a fun time and we believe the listeners will too!

What makes a good or successful audio drama or podcast?

Loving what you do. If it’s your passion, I think others will chime in and enjoy it themselves.

How do you make the story come to life for listeners without visuals?

Having a good time, but keeping in mind to give explanations every so often.

How did you make of the show?

We film out of Fenix Studios in NY. We want to make it as high a production as we can. Personally, I’m always trying new things and looking for ways to make it even better.

Now that you’ve made some episodes, what are some things you’ve learned? What has been the most rewarding part of making your podcast?

Seeing viewer/listener reactions is always amazing because we don’t have the mindset or perspective they do. It’s always great to see what fans are noticing.

Hanging out with each other (our crew) is rewarding too. Without the show, we might see a lot less of each other.

What advice would you give to creators interested in making their own podcast?

Do what you love regardless of how many viewers you have or anything else. After that, review your material and always look for more ways to connect with your fans!

Get the show out everywhere you can, and don’t worry about making money. Focus on your passion for it.

What excites you about being part of The Fantasy Network?

We love being a part of a team and a family, and the people at Fantasy Network have been wonderful and welcoming to us. We love it here! 🙂

How can listeners stay connected with you and your team?

Go to, our YouTube channel, or our Facebook page, Tabletop Everything.

Anything else that I haven’t yet asked, but you’d like to share?

We hope fans enjoy the adventure as much as we did and are so excited to make more!

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