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TFN Audio Podcast Makers Nominated for New Jersey Web Fest Awards

It’s always a good feeling when the indie creators featured on The Fantasy Network have success. So, we’re thrilled to be able to share the latest good news…

Ignore City - post-apocalyptic sci-fi musical audio drama - tune in on The Fantasy NetworkIgnore City Gains 6 Nominations

Fiction podcast Ignore City has been nominated for six New Jersey Web Fest 2022 awards, including Outstanding Science Fiction, Best Writing/Script, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Leading Performance, and Best Chemistry.

Ignore Cty tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic future, in which technology has been outlawed and the remaining humans live under a dome to escape the devastated world climate. Deban Rimpa, a scrappy bike messenger, discovers and befriends the head of the sentient robot, Saner 0805. Deban embarks on a grand adventure through Ignore City to save civilization with Saner’s help. That is, unless thugs, bike gangs, black market overlords, government agents, and a precocious 10 year-old girl destroy Saner first!

If you haven’t caught it yet, Ignore City can be listened to via TFN Audio Channel. Read our interview with Ed Cho here.

Dice Tower Theater Gets 5 Nominations

Dice Tower Theatre: Dawn of Dragons - a fantasy, family-friendly audio drama streaming on The Fantasy NetworkDice Tower Theater’s Dawn of Dragons (created by Mike Atchley) got five nominations—including Best Sound Design, Outstanding Fantasy Narrative, Best Family Friendly, Best Leading Performance (Narrative Fiction Podcast), and Best Supporting Performance (Narrative Fiction Podcast).

Dawn of Dragons tells the tale of an unlikely band of heroes. When their hometown of OallEnAkhan is destroyed, Young Cordelia, the Fire Mage, aspiring knight Benedict, bright-eyed mariner Zorin and the deadly swordmaster Sophie fall under the tutelage of Elloveve Hawklight, a secretive yet legendary elven scout archer.  Destroyed by the local Justice, Lord Pallus (Zorin’s father), his Dark Army grows increasingly more powerful with the addition of a cruel dark cleric serving an evil queen of death along with her legions of dragons.

Catch Dice Tower Theater on TFN Audio Channel. Read our article on Dice Tower Theater here.

The Die as Cast’s Griffin Cork Gets a Nod

In the film and web series categories, Abracadavers has also been named among the nominees. That show is made by Griffin Cork, whose The Die as Cast is airing on TFN Audio Channel. The Die as Cast is a live-action tabletop role-play podcast.

Read our interview with Griffin Cork here.

Learn More about the New Jersey Web Fest

Interested in checking out the New Jersey Web Fest? Winners will be announced at the fest’s Gala on September 25, 2022! See the full list of nominations here.

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