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Tune in for Masters of the Metaverse on TFN Audio

Fans of table-top gaming—we’ve got great news! The famed Zombie Orpheus Entertainment group’s beloved Masters of the Metaverse is rolling out on TFN’s Audio Channel for everyone to tune into. The gaming is a blast, especially as it features all your favorite ZOE members playing unforgettable characters to keep you entertained every minute of the story.

Masters of the Metaverse artwork

The Metaverse concept is intriguing and features rich world-building and dramatic storylines. Recruited through various means, a group of strangers is assembled by a secret program to become meta-pilots. Using the aptly named meta-pods, the pilots are inserted into the avatars of various beings in worlds beyond their imaginations. But all is not what it seems. What is the true purpose of the program? Who are The Founders? How do the meta-pods really work? Why were they all brought together in the first place? Who are the mysterious Dark Watchers?

With each new world, each new avatar, and each new adventure the pilots try to find the answers to these questions and more. And you’ll be able to follow along with each exciting episode.

Masters of the Metaverse is a tabletop role-playing game produced by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and HyperRPG, and based on a modified version of the Tri-Stat dX system. In the game, each player represents two characters. The first is their pilot, and the second is their avatar, but the players have access to the knowledge and skills possessed by both of these characters. The players can spend “meta-points” in order to move back and forth on the player/avatar spectrum, thus making it easier to access one particular set of skills while making it more difficult to access the other.

Fans of the show enjoy the characters, the immersive world, and of course the zaniness that is so much a part of the tabletop gaming world. Learn more on the Masters of the Metaverse Wiki and check out the short stories for the Metaverse crafted by writer and guest star Paxamo.

You can tune into these classic episodes of Masters of the Metaverse anytime on The Fantasy Network.

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