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Unique Voices: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi from Echelon Studios Debuts on TFN

If getting your fill of creative, independently made fantasy, horror, and sci-fi films sounds like a great way to spend your summer, we’ve got good news. Many of the film properties from LA’s Echelon Studios are making their debut on The Fantasy Network. And you won’t want to miss your chance to view these cool new features.

Lined up for your entertainment are six films so far, with plans to bring more to TFN weekly in the coming months—an exciting chance to see more of the genre content you love most. The kickoff launches with a great blend of films to catch:

In the Darkness on The Fantasy NetworkIn the Darkness


A group of students decide to check out a haunted place situated in the forest at the foot of a mountain. At first, they do not find anything uncommon. However, when the night comes, the young folks find themselves in a trap.

Await the Dawn on The Fantasy NetworkAwait the Dawn

(horror, sci-fi)

A troubled family traveling cross country are highjacked by a desperate man, only to discover to their dismay that he’s running from something even more dangerous than he is.

Recalled on The Fantasy NetworkRecalled

(supernatural thriller)

Disturbing visions about chilling accidents. Post-traumatic memory loss. And a woman’s desperate fight to uncover the truth about her past.

Show Me the Ghost on The Fantasy NetworkShow Me the Ghost

(comedy, horror)

Best friends Hodu and Yeji are job seekers whose dreams have been ruined. One day, the two luck into a decent, cheap, fully loaded rent house. They gradually feel a strange energy in the house, and encounter an ominous ghost. With no place to go and no money, they try to defeat the ghost to protect their house.

The Central Authority on The Fantasy NetworkThe Central Authority

(comedy, dystopian, horror)

After a pandemic has caused the worldwide collapse of governments, The Central Authority arises to maintain law and order and control the supply chain. Because most people are stuck at home, entertainment has become a premium commodity. Citizens who create content for The Central Authority are compensated with higher places in line for goods in short supply. However, if you fail to meet the minimum ratings guidelines, The Central Authority cancels your show…and your life.

Dark Lullabies on The Fantasy NetworkDark Lullabies

(horror, thriller)

Seen through the eyes of the filmmaker, a child of concentration camp survivors, this program explores the impact of the Holocaust on a generation of Jews and Germans born after World War II. Includes interviews in Canada, Israel, and Germany with the children of survivors, with young neo-Nazis, and with the children of former Nazis.

Echelon Studios was formed in 2004 as an International Film Production, Distribution, and Aggregation Company, explains Pin Chia, a spokesperson for the company’s licensing and acquisition department.

“As a distribution company, Echelon Studios is always looking for the most unique voices in the cinema world,” says Pin. “We partner with creative filmmakers around the world, who tell stories, entertain and educate us. We are dedicated to bringing new films as well as classic films for people to enjoy cinema worldwide! In our catalog, viewers will find some of the most outstanding films from independent filmmakers as well as films from all over the globe with exotic tastes.”

Echelon finds its movies in various ways, often going to film festivals and other markets to connect with filmmakers and producers, looking for movies with interesting and unique aspects. “We are proud to say—for the audiences that are tired of watching films full of cliche or nothing new to offer, they will always find the most unique and visionary content from us,” he says.

And Echelon is continuing to expand, with over 15,000 movies in its catalog so far and more coming all the time. “Recently, we are very excited to bring a thrilling Korean crime drama The Policeman’s Lineage to North America,” says Pin. “The film stars Choi Woo-sik and Park Myeong-hoon from the Academy Award Best Picture Parasite, as well as the legendary Cho Jin-woong (The Handmaiden, Signal), who is one of the most prolific actors in Korean cinema. As Korean culture – K-Drama, K-Pop, and foods – are taking the world by storm, we are hoping that The Policeman’s Lineage can introduce an unconventional point-of-view to the mainstream movie market.”

For those interested in other films from Echelon, or desiring to submit a film for their consideration, Pin says the company invite connections. “We are very interested to hear from people who want to license our film and TV titles, and we are always looking for new titles to distribute as well. For any inquiry regarding licensing and acquisition, people can contact”

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