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We Need Your Feedback ASAP!

Do you use The Fantasy Network app? Whether you use the app or not, if you’re a TFN subscriber, if you’re thinking about subscribing or if you like our content and want to offer your insights, we want to hear from you!

Eric Nelson here, Director of Operations at The Fantasy Network. We need your feedback on a crucial matter regarding TFN’s mobile app. The app costs TFN thousands of dollars a year to use and maintain, and it’s an enormous drain on TFN resources. We are considering whether to cancel the app, or find a way to make it generate enough revenue to support itself.

However, before we make such a momentous decision, we need to know: does the TFN Community actually want the app? And, if so, are there enough TFN subscribers who are actually willing to pay for keeping it as part of the TFN platform?

That’s what we need to find out. So, whether you use the app or not, would you please take a few moments to complete this survey by Monday, June 29? We very much want your input for this important decision.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help us make this very important decision, and thank you for your support of TFN!

Here’s the link to the survey again:

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