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Award-Winning Fantasy Animation Lucidity Airing on TFN

Ready for an inventive, stunning animated story that straddles the dreaming and waking world? We have good news… LUCIDITY begins airing on TFN April 23, 2022 at noon Eastern. Winner of “Outstanding Animation” and “Best Fantasy” at the 2021 New Jersey Web Fest, Brian Badgette’s LUCIDITY traces the awakening of Michael Miller, whose terrifying nightmare visitations by evil beings called Azithoth haunt his nightly dreams.

Award-winning fantasy animation Lucidity by Brian Badgette now airing on The Fantasy Network

With the help of a few friends, Michael embarks on a journey that will change his “reality” forever as learns to control his dreams and eventually his fears. But the fight won’t be easy: even though Michael has left the past, the past has not left him.

Badgette says the idea behind the story was born as he learned more about the concept of lucid dreaming after watching films like The Matrix. “As I became more experienced with having my own lucid dreams, I thought how cool it would be to have a character based on the subject,” he says. “I knew it had potential because, unlike being an alien from another planet or being bit by a radioactive spider, this is something people could actually do. It’s tangible.”

Read more of our interview with Badgette here.

Check out the trailer to get a taste of this cool new show:

Premiering on The Fantasy Network April 23, 2022, new episodes of LUCIDITY air every Saturday at 12 PM Eastern Time. Make Lucidity on TFN part of your Saturday awakening!

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