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The Resonance: A Sci-Fi Audio Drama Now on TFN Audio

Some events leave permanent scars on the land — and sometimes those scars take on a life of their own. That’s the premise of The Resonance, an exciting sci-fi/horror audio fiction podcast airing now on TFN Audio Channel.

The Resonance - sci-fi audio drama airing on TFN Audio

In the late 1800s, violence tore through the sleepy towns of the central Pennsylvania anthracite mining region as mining barons clamped down on attempts from the workers to unionize as a means of improving working conditions. These events culminated in the “Day of the Rope” where twenty miners were hanged in what has since been called, “one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the bench and bar in the United States.”

A century later, in the early 1980s, a group of teenagers stumbled upon the horror that slumbered beneath their feet for a generation. Welcome to our first stop on the Resonance –— Centralia, Pennsylvania.

As we move further away from the past, our knowledge of the events that actually took place fade, and truth becomes a mere resonance of what once was. At times, the heroes of our youth become the pariahs of the present … and sometimes terrible wrongs are brought to light.

But what if our collective memories were not locked away? What if there was a way not only to revisit these memories, but to reshape them as well? What impact would that have on our present reality?

These are the questions that are pondered in The Resonance, which blends multiple storytelling styles in a gripping and delightful trip down memory lane.

Listen to The Resonance... one of the HappyGoLukky catalog of audio dramas and podcasts… now streaming for your listening pleasure on TFN Audio.

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