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For Your Listening Pleasure: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Audio Shows Now on TFN

Starting March 9, it’ll be easier than ever to catch entertaining, binge-worthy episodes of audio sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. A whole new audio channel full of great stories and genre talk is rolling out on The Fantasy Network. And in keeping with its commitment to supporting indies, the TFN Audio Channel will focus on bringing fans more of the SFF podcasts and audio dramas you want most—in an easy-to-use format you can consume anywhere.

TFN Audio Channel - featuring audio dramas and talk podcasts about sci-fi, fantasy & horror on

The shows being debuted on the TFN Audio Channel include a broad mix of fun entertainment, giving listeners an opportunity to find the type of fun they like the best. From classic fantasy and science fiction filled with action, to inventive faves like superhero tales, to mashups like fantasy-noir and comic-fantasy, and even family-friendly stories—you’re sure to find your flavor of SFF, and maybe try some new ones too.

Check out the Lineup of Cool New Shows

Ready for a taste of what TFN Audio has to offer? Here’s a list of what you can expect in the next several weeks as show after show goes live. (Note: Some dates may be subject to change.)

Dawn of Dragons — March 9

Young heroes raised in secret and bound in love, kinship, and destiny are forced on a quest to discover the truth behind the magic of dragons before their world itself is destroyed by the growing power of the Dark Army.

The Chronicles of Eridul — March 16

After 16-year-old Cassie leave for a prestigious boarding school, her 11-year-old sister, Charlie, finds herself magically transported to a dark forest and taken captive. There she discovers that her presence in this new world has tipped the balance of power, threatening to destroy not only this new fantastical place, but her own as well.

Outlawed Faith — March 18

An orphaned girl with a mystical gift tries to escape her megalomaniac uncle and his band of underlings with the help of a reformed gunslinger, Kulta Blackhand.

The Resonance — March 22

A group of teenagers stumbles upon a horror that has been slumbering beneath their feet for a generation.

LukkyGo Show — March 25

This variety show companion to the HappyGoLukky catalog (The Chronicles of Eridul, The Resonance, and other shows) features bonus content and discussions of storylines, plot points, characters, and more in the HappyGoLukky universe.

Magus Elgar fantasy comedy podcast debuts on The Fantasy Network (

Magus Elgar — March 29

In the magical world of Hearth, learning magic is as dangerous as it is exciting. You’ll be pleased to know that Magus Elgar is one of the finest Casters out there. With luck, he might finally have a student that lives through the lessons.

Blackblade — March 30

The climax of a decades-long witch hunt is told through the eyes of a charismatic wayfarer, the bartender of a famed tavern, and two feared assassins.

Tempus Investigations — April 1

Jim Corrigan was killed back in 1933. Today, he’s a private investigator on supernatural cases. Immortality is a bitch … but it does help solve crimes. Sometimes.

Vorpal History — April 5

Welcome to a review of historical events so fantastic, you’d think we made them up!

More Shows Coming Later This Spring

New episodes of these fantasy, sci-fi and horror shows and podcasts, as well as additional debuts, will continue to go live as weeks go by—so you’ll be able to tune in weekly, or binge later to your heart’s content.

Be sure to sign up for The Fantasy Network to stay in the know about what’s coming next to the TFN Audio Channel, as well as get notified and get a first look whenever new films, webisodes, and Twitch streams hit the The Fantasy Network. And tell your friends, so they can join in the fun.

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