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This Holiday Season, Give Someone the Gift of Fantasy

This holiday season, give someone the gift of fantasy with an annual subscription* to The Fantasy Network!

TFN Holiday Card thanks to Tinnel Lovitt / Lovitt Studio

*It’s easy! Just click the links below.

*It’s affordable! Flexible name-your-own prices.

*It’s long-lastingA full year.

*It’s awesome! Introduce someone to TFN and support TFN and its community of fans and independent creators at the same time!

Gift an Annual TFN Membership (NYOP $12 – $53) HERE.

Gift an Annual TFN Premium Subscriiption (NYOP $54 – $120) HERE.

Why gift an annual TFN Membership or Premium Subscription this holiday season? The answer is pretty simple (but you can read a longer answer below** if you want):

  1. You need to find gifts that are meaningful and affordable.
  2. We need to grow our paid subscriber base.
  3. We both care about TFN and its community of fans and producers.

And … Voilà! Gift subscriptions!

There are two levels of annual subscriptions. And, becaue money does not grow on trees (for anyone we know), we have made them flexible in price.

  1. Annual TFN Membership. The TFN “Free” Membership is shifting to a “Name Your Own Price” model. In order to keep TFN accessible, a monthly subscription can still be had for $0. But we ask subscribers to consider something more – from $1 up to $4.99 a month. For an Annual TFN Membership, we ask a minimum payment of $12 — one dollar a month. Your gift includes access to a huge catalogue of TFN video, audio, ecommerce store, Discord, and other membership perks.
  2. Annual TFN Premium Subscription. Premium is also shifting to a NYOP model. To keep Premium affordable, a monthly subscription can still be had for $5. But we ask subscribers to consider paying more, up to $20 a month, depending on their means. For an Annual Premium Subscriptionwe ask for a minimum of $54 — that’s 10% off the minimum monthly price!

How to purchase your gift subscriptions: 

  1. Check the “This is a gift” checkbox either a) on the product page (before you purchase), b) in the cart (before you check out), or c) at checkout.
  2. Enter the email to which you want to send your gift subscription.
  3. Choose your price.
  4. Purchase the subscription. The recipient will be sent an email notifying them that you have gifted them an annual subscription to The Fantasy Network (they will not see the price) with instructions.
    1. If the person does not have a TFN account, NO WORRIES! An account will automatically be created for them. They will be sent login details, told how they can manage their new subscription, and prompted to change their password.


**Okay, here’s the longer explanation.

The last couple of years have been … challenging. For everyone.

For independent producers and creators, the pandemic has disrupted or severely delayed their plans, projects, and production. On top of that, Amazon Prime and other platforms have begun restricting or rejecting their submissions in ways that often preclude producers (and TFN) from getting new shows up and seen by audiences.

For TFN, the effects of the pandemic on our producers and their plans, sudden leadership changes, and a wa-a-a-a-a-y more complicated migration than anticipated to the new TFN platform stalled progress and cost TFN a substantial amount of anticipated revenue.

But the future looks bright. Productions have started up again. Crowdfunding campaigns are under way or planned. We have added, and soon will roll out, a new TFN Audio section with audio dramas, podcasts, and audio books. Plans are under way to add a TFN Bookstore, where you will be able to find comics, graphic novels, books, and games that complement and expand on the shows that you find in the other TFN sections. And, we are excited to be developing blockchain technologies so we can offer NFT’simproved royalty tracking, and powerful ways that fans can engage with their favorite content!

To make this future happen, however, we need to expand subscribers and subscription revenue. Paid subscriptions are the foundation on which all these enterprises exist. 50% of subscription revenue goes directly to TFN producers, who need all the help they can get now. And the remaining 50% is spread very thin to fund TFN producer and customer services, the maintenance and improvement of our digital infrastuctures, and to support the hard work of a small but dedicated group of staff, contractors, and volunteers.

One way to increase subscription revenue is to increase prices. But we know that others are also having challenging times, and we want TFN to remain both accessible and affordable. So, instead of increasing the amount that subscribers must pay, we increased the amount they can choose to pay. We trust you, our community of fans and creators, to do what you can to support and sustain the TFN community and mission. So, please consider doing at least one of these things:

Give Annual TFN Memberships and Premium Subscriptions as gifts. This not only expands revenue, but it expands our viewership, our producers’ potential fan bases, and makes TFN even more attractive to producers whom we want to bring on board. Besides, TFN is a unique and special company and community within the entertainment industry. It’s worth sharing with others!

If you have a free TFN monthly Membershipplease consider renewing at something more than zero dollars or purchasing an annual TFN Memership. It costs money to sustain TFN and its community, and it’s getting costlier. Even one or two dollars a month, combined with others, can go a long way.

If you have a Premium Subscription please consider renewing at a higher price or purchasing an annual Premium Subscription for a price that you can afford. We are working very hard to bring new shows, special extra features, and additional perks to Premium, and we need your continued support to do it!

Thank you for your support and patronage of TFN and its community of creators and fans. Together we will continue to do great things!

We wish you all the best in your holiday season, in whatever ways and traditions you celebrate!


Your fellow fans at TFN

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