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ElfQuest Audio Movie Update

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to share our latest progress report with you.

First of all, post-production on the audio movie continues. All of the dialogue is in place, and we are in the very exciting stage of making sound effects and music! Here’s a snapshot of some of the props used to create the soundscape (bonus points for anyone who can guess which episode these go with!)

Creating an immersive audio movie is a mix of real-world instruments and embellishing layered effects within a computer’s DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). A completed project may have hundreds of individually layered tracks.

Here’s a glimpse into what an episode with most of the component parts in place looks like:

We’re not prepared to share new audio samples yet, but things are chugging right along!

Meanwhile, Kickstarter backer rewards are in the making—so if you’re a supporter, expect to see updates in your inbox soon (if you haven’t already!).

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