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Introducing Lucidity: Interview with Brian Badgette

Award-winning fantasy animation Lucidity by Brian Badgette now airing on The Fantasy Network

Have you ever been fully aware you were dreaming while you were dreaming? Have you ever had full control of that dream to the point you were able to fly or move things with your mind? If so, then chances are you’ve had a lucid dream. And Michael Miller, the protagonist of the comic series Lucidity, certainly has. Michael, who ...

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This Holiday Season, Give Someone the Gift of Fantasy

This holiday season, give someone the gift of fantasy with an annual subscription* to The Fantasy Network! *It’s easy! Just click the links below. *It’s affordable! Flexible name-your-own prices. *It’s long-lasting! A full year. *It’s awesome! Introduce someone to TFN and support TFN and its community of fans and independent creators at the same time! Gift an Annual TFN Membership (NYOP $12 – $53) HERE. Gift an Annual TFN Premium Subscriiption (NYOP ...

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ElfQuest Audio Movie Update

Hi everyone! We’re excited to share our latest progress report with you. First of all, post-production on the audio movie continues. All of the dialogue is in place, and we are in the very exciting stage of making sound effects and music! Here’s a snapshot of some of the props used to create the soundscape (bonus points for anyone who ...

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Get Your Copy of Phantastes before the Holidays

Phantastes Kickstarter - on the Fantasy Network News

Lord of the Rings fans — Did you miss out on ordering your copy of Phantastes, the graphic novel based on George MacDonald’s writings (who inspired Tolkien)? There’s good news. Though the (successful) Kickstarter campaign is over, Phantastes is available for order over at Indiegogo. Writer Meredith Finch has adapted Phantastes into a 120-page graphic novel, with stunning original art by Christine Norrie and Eisner-winning / Hugo Award-nominated illustrator Andrew ...

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New Season of “The Inventor: Miller and the Earthling” Launches

The madcap geek comedy, The Inventor, is back for a second season, exclusively on The Fantasy Network’s Premium feed. Fans of snarky, smart sci-fi will love where the show’s creators, including Wyatt Moore (writer, director) and Tyler Stoudt (writer, filmmaker, actor), take this new season, exploring Miller’s unique approach to life in a mashup of settings that will have you ...

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Gaming Goddesses and TFN Join Forces to Play Tabletop Adventures

An Ambivalent Alliance - a one-shot charity event tabletop gaming night on The Fantasy Network

Passionate about streaming live tabletop gaming from a creative, diverse set of players who love SFF as much as you do? Then you won’t want to miss our TFN-Athena Alliance D&D crossover livestream, An Ambivalent Alliance, happening Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 8PM EST and viewable on The Fantasy Network’s main livestream page. The charity-driven livestream will benefit The Children’s ...

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Celebrate the Holidays and Support TFN’s Indie Creators

Check out the merch store at The Fantasy Network

Ready to give away some gifts for the holidays (or buy yourself something fun)? Ready to help your favorite indie sci-fi and fantasy creators enjoy the holidays with your support of their work? You can do both through the many fun, geeky, SFF-themed gift items—now discounted for the holidays in The Fantasy Network’s Holiday Store. (See below for 10% discount checkout ...

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