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Lord of the Rings Series News Heating Up

Even though Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series isn’t due to stream across TV screens until this time next year (September-October 2022, at the current estimate), that’s not to say things are staying hush-hush. Tolkien fans can get plenty of cool, fun, and even bizarre updates from behind-the-scenes these days. Here are some of our favorites:

Howard Shore and Bear McCreary May Team Up for Series Soundtrack

You’ll know Shore’s name from the LOTR movies, for which he created the ethereal, dramatic musical movie themes we all know and love. The buzz is that he’s in talks to be involved in the Amazon series’ soundtrack too, with help from none other than McCreary, well-known for his SFF musical creations, among them the super-cool version of All Along the Watchtower that features so heavily in the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

You Might See an Orc that Looks Like Harvey Weinstein

Well, we’re exaggerating just slightly here, because we don’t know if this CGI character will show up in the LOTR prequel. But we do know that it showed up in the original LOTR movies. You can read more about it here, but the basic story is this: Peter Jackson and Weinstein had some run-ins before LOTR moved from Miramax to New Line Cinema, and Jackson had one of the orc masks made to look like Weinstein. Somewhere in those movies, according to actors on the set, you might just see that orc getting killed. We all need our sense of justice somehow, don’t we?

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Who’s the Elf in the Amazon Teaser Image?

There’s plenty of speculation about that cool, first-look photo that’s been bouncing around the Internet from Amazon Studios. Is it Galadhriel? Is it Celebrimbor? Well, there’s one thing we can say. If you zoom in on the image, that white figure has a bun in its hair and looks pretty feminine. So we’re betting it’s not Sauron.

Could Tom Bombadil Make a Cameo Appearance?

Let’s face it—LOTR fans are obsessed with the mystical, whimsical Bombadil, and they missed his presence in the LOTR films. (Although those movies are already so long in their extended versions, how could you fit Bombadil in and do him justice, right?) Anyhoo, fans are speculating about whether they’ll see this larger-than-life persona in the new series, and they are coming up with some crazy ideas for the casting—from Terry Gilliam and Matt Smith to Paul McCartney. Check out this list for more.


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