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GIVE ME AWAY Podcast Reaches Thrilling Conclusion

A screaming spaceship and a world of radical hospitality… What could go wrong?

That’s the premise for the superb new science fiction audio drama, Give Me Away, by Gideon Media. With snappy, brainy writing by Mac Rogers (The Message) and directed by Jordana Williams (The Honeycomb Trilogy)Give Me Away is chock-full of what makes sci-fi so well loved—mysterious aliens, troubled people, conspiracies, advanced technology, and philosophical questions that might keep you up at night.

TFN first shared the news about the sci-fi audio drama Give Me Away in July as the first episode aired. Now, the next half of the series is going live. Episodes five and six are already available right now, and episodes seven through nine will hit podcast providers Friday, October 1, October 8, and October 15. And it is an addictive and satisfying listen all the way to the show’s thrilling finale.

The concept of the Give Me Away podcast is deceptively simple—an alien spaceship crashes, with the minds of its prisoners trapped and in pain. The only way out is for each of these aliens to take up room in a new, healthier home—the minds of human hosts who are willing to share their headspace.

The protagonist, Graham Shapiro, divorced and adrift at age 50, is one of the first to raise his hand to allow an alien into his brain. The first half of the season, episodes 1 through 4, followed Graham’s journey into a world of radical hospitality, one that begins to touch everything—and everyone—in his life. His connections with family and friends become strained as he moves closer to becoming an alien host.

The story’s true appeal becomes clear soon enough, as listeners realize this alien story is actually very familiar to the ways we interact with other people.

All around Graham, people are questioning, “Why would anyone volunteer for this?” And of course, they’re judging too—calling people like Graham suckers, figuring they must be lonely and needy to do something that others might call incredibly generous. As the story progresses, the questions go deeper, exploring everything from consent and cooperation (and the prices they exact), to whether you can give too much.

Perhaps most intriguingly, the series explores what it would be like to commit to something you can literally never change. Humans believe in commitment, in loyalty, but we always have a way out, don’t we? Graham has had a way out too, until he allows an alien into his mind, because that process can’t be reversed. Divorce? Abandonment? Needing space? Not possible.

It’s a bit frightening to think about that. And Give Me Away goes there.

Listeners are giving the series high ratings for its excellent sci-fi storytelling and quality audio production—two absolute musts for a science fiction podcast. If you’ve listened to a lot of fictional audio dramas already, you’ll understand this point. It’s all too easy to struggle with figuring out how to make the story come to life without visuals, only with sound.

Of course, Gideon Media’s production values are always solid, so the background foley effects feel realistic without drowning out or distracting from the dialogue that drives the story forward.

The actors give strong, believable performances—it feels a lot like listening in to a conversation you’re overhearing at the local diner. These feel like real people, and the overall experience carries the intimacy of a stage play. So, once you get drawn into what’s happening, you’ll likely want to keep binging the episodes.

In the season’s second half, the simmering tensions that arise in those early episodes begin to erupt into full-scale crises, as Graham’s biological family and his new chosen one spin out of control with extraordinary consequences. At the heart of this storm is Joshua, Graham’s extraterrestrial “Second,” who barges into Graham’s mind and body with a frightening agenda all his own.

The final five episodes build to a shocking finale that puts both halves of Graham’s life on a collision course. You won’t want to miss them!

The Give Me Away podcast is available free on the Gideon Media website and everywhere podcasts can be found.

And if you like sci-fi audio dramas, check out the memorable two-part podcast, The Earth Moves, also by Gideon Media.

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