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New Audio Drama “Rogue Tyger”—Now on TFN

Five thousand years into the future — in a corner of the galaxy where Earth is no longer known — humans and a dozen other sentient races have forged a civilization. Spacers brave the oceans of void between hundreds of worlds for power, glory, and simply to survive. This is the tale of one band of spacers and their ship: the Tyger.

Rogue Tyger audio drama on The Fantasy NetworkJoin the crew of the Tyger as they search for adventure, riches, and possibly redemption. You’ll travel from the outer planets to the frontier and back to the core systems as they experience victories, defeats, and more than a few surprises.

Adventure awaits!


Rogue Tyger is created by the Jabberwocky Audio Theater, a group of storytellers writing, recording, and podcasting out of Deepest Springfield. Rogue Tyger, a space opera chock full of cliffhangers, is their first production.

Check out the new audio drama, Rogue Tyger, on the audio streaming section of The Fantasy Network.

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