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A Look at the Upcoming Wheel of Time Series

With over 4.4 million views of the teaser trailer on YouTube since September 2, the new Amazon series for the epic fantasy Wheel of Time is looking to have a strong and eager audience.

The special effects, settings and costumes are stunning to the eye—a definite visual feast for viewers. In that sense, it seems impossible for the series to disappoint. It looks as good as you’d expect for an Amazon series, as good as other stellar examples of mythic eye candy like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Tar Valon looks a lot like Minas Tirith, just saying, as you can see from the teaser trailer.

One positive thing that has to be said for the Wheel of Time saga is that it has a lot of strong, complicated, intriguing female characters. And that lends to some interesting opportunities for casting and storytelling. The trailer itself is a pleasant reminder that this cast is diverse in a lot of ways, and that’s refreshing.

How well the series creators capitalize on that remains to be seen.

Wheel of Time cast
Wheel of Time cast, courtesy

Obviously, adapting these massive books to the small screen is a feat all its own. And the things that make Wheel of Time appealing also make it a challenge. With so many characters, for instance, how well will the series do at helping viewers who haven’t read the books keep track of everyone?

And how well will heroic Rand al’Thor come across in an era where his numerous liaisons with various female characters, none of whom he seems able to commit to, might be seen as a less than appealing personality trait?

In other words, there are some adjustments to the story that will need to be made. Whether those changes will play well or not may depend on where viewers’ heads are at these days, and how well the Amazon beast can master fantasy epics onscreen. These are issues that only the release of full episodes can resolve.

But in the meantime, fans of the series are geeking out all over the internet. It’s easy to find updates, photos, Easter egg breakdowns, and more. The question is, what will fans say once the series is a few episodes in?

The series is slated to go live this November, and then we’ll be looking forward to hearing what The Fantasy Network fans have to say about it. In the meantime, catch a little more background about the series here.

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