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Get the New Gaming Canon Guide for Fartherall Fans

Michael Mars Gaming, the creator known as “the Pathfinder 1e guy over at Frog God Games and Necromancer Games,” is using the Open License for Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s hit series Fartherall to create a canon guide for playing in Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s world of Fartherall using 5e or PF1.

They’re bringing the world of Fartherall to life at game tables around the world with this 80+ page full color perfect bound softcover that includes:

  • 30 Deities
  • 28 Races
  • 13 Backgrounds (5e) / Traits (PF1)
  • 7 Items
  • 5 Feats
  • 2 Subclasses (5e) / Archetypes (PF1)
  • 3 Demigod Subclasses (5e) / Archetypes (PF1) (UNLOCKED VIA STRETCH GOALS)
  • 2 Templates
  • 1 Artifact

Everything you need to run or play a game in Fartherall is included in this book; however, most lore for the setting is not. This is due to the wide scope of the history of Fartherall and to prevent accidental exposure of information that GMs may want kept secret. The full write up for Fartherall can be found in the Fartherall Companion.

At this stage, the Kickstarter is fully funded at its initial goal, but with nearly a month to go, fans can continue to contribute, unlock cool stretch goals, and ensure they get in on all the fun. Visit the Kickstarter now to check it out.

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