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AFK: A Hole in the World – Join the Backers for a New Miniseries

Seemingly alone aside from Vanya’s brutish and mysterious enforcer ‘The Behemoth’, Sheena must struggle not only with her own grief and trauma, but also with a cunning plot against her to take over the growing empire she and Vanya built together.

That’s the premise behind the new miniseries in the making, AFK: A Hole in the World. And right now, the Kickstarter—which is already fully funded—is shooting toward some amazingly cool stretch goals to make this AFK miniseries more satisfying for fans than ever.

 A Hole in the World picks up roughly a month after the end of AFK season two, with Vanya’s death very much still a fresh wound. With the help of the Behemoth, Sheena is still officially in charge of their burgeoning empire, but her grief has made her an inattentive ruler.

After a plan is set into motion by some ambitious rivals, Sheena is separated from the Behemoth and trapped in an separate zone outside of the main world. Outnumbered, isolated and hunted down, she must use all of her wits and skill to survive, or risk losing not only her empire, but her life as well…

AFK: A Hole in the World is an AFK miniseries of roughly 5-6 episodes, which will total over 40 minutes of brand new content.

With 17 days to go as of today, you can still get in on the AFK: A Hole in the World Kickstarter and get some awesome rewards.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch seasons 1, 1.5, and 2 of AFK on The Fantasy Network.

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