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Hero Mode: Now Streaming

Itching for some family fun now that movies are back in production? Looking for a new download? You might want to check out HERO MODE—a movie about coding and gaming that the whole family can enjoy?

Here’s the story:

With her indie video game business on the brink of bankruptcy, Kate (Mira Sorvino) throws a Hail Mary and puts Troy (Chris Carpenter), her teenage coding genius son, in charge of creating a video game to save the company. It’s a dream come true for Troy. But quite the opposite for the company’s disgruntled coders and their rival CEO.

The idea behind HERO MODE is simple and entertaining, the kind of family film you’d expect to see on Disney or Nickelodeon, which makes its indie cred all the more respectable.

The cast features a mix of new and recognizable performers—Chris Carpenter (Troy), Indiana Massara (Paige), Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Bobby Lee, Creed (yes, that Creed!), and others. Together, they provide great laughs and heart that parents and kids alike will love—always a plus in a family film.

Produced by Blue Fox Entertainment, HERO MODE is currently playing in select movie theaters and available online at Amazon Prime and other movie streaming services. Check out the trailer here:

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  1. Great movie!
    If you are looking for a family-friendly gaming film – this is it!!