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Tune in for Mental Health in Gaming

Mental Health in Gaming by Athena Alliance CLT - read about it on The Fantasy News
There’s no doubt that mental health in gaming is a valuable topic of discussion these days, as a recent article on TFN about Ark: Love Evolved addressed.
Now, the team of gamers and Twitch streamers from Athena Alliance CLT are delving deeper into this all-important topic.
On May 15, 2021 at 7PM EST, join Athena Alliance CLT for a live discussion about how gaming can positively and negatively impact mental health with varied experiences by women from all walks of life and the LGBTQIA community.

Featuring these titles regarding mental health:
1. Far From Noise
2. Good Looking Home Cookin’
3. Secret Little Haven
4. missed messages
5. Kindred Garden
6. Tuesday
7. A Garden on the Sea
8. Wait
9. Night in the Woods
10. Fractured Minds
12. a new life

To be interactive with the Alliance; join their Discord channel. The event will be livestreamed on FB, Twitch, and YT.

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