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Final Fantasy 7: A Look Back…and a Look Forward

The Final Fantasy Franchise has become a brand of its own, with all the fascinating games Square-Enix has put out over the years. Everyone looks forward to the next game that comes out with excitement and anticipation. That is because of the great impression that many different versions of the games have left us. Over the years, the titles that have come out turned into loyal favorites to the masses of old-school and young gamers. One of these titles that I’m am going to talk about is Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 is an RPG staple that started it all for most old-school RPG games.

Now, let’s go back in time and talk about the first version of Final Fantasy 7. This game came out in 1997; around that time, SquareEnix went by the name of SquareSoft.

When this version of the game came out, I was in high school. I’m not trying to tell my age or anything. However, I played a few RPG games and was excited to get my hands on the next best thing. When startingFinal Fantasy, I did not expect the game’s impact on me playing it. However, it changed my outlook on how writers and creators can cause emotions in games because of what events took place in the story.

When I first started to play the game in the late 1990s, the graphics transitioned from 2D graphics to more of a 3D-ish forum. One of the first things that drew me to play the game was the graphics. They were so different than most games I played at the time. Most of the RPGs at that time were 2D RPGs.

The second thing that drew me to want to play the game was the storyline. It was more different than what I was accustomed to playing. Most of the video games around that time were Medieval-based. So, because this game was so different and not like the others, I chose to play it. It was a more real-time-like game and still fantasy-like at the same time.

The only info I knew about the game was that it was about a character named Cloud Strife, who was a soldier. He was doing a job for a faction of people and was to destroy reactors that Shrina owned. The fact that this story was different than the norm was fascinating. The character designs were charming; they seem very relatable. Thus, it made me want to figure out the mystery behind these characters and their back-story. The story was very in-depth. There was a lot of reading to do in this game. Because of the graphics used by the game creators, words became important in telling a story.

In this game, a turning point was being connected to the characters and relating to them as the story progressed. Then Square throws a curb-ball into the mix. Death gets incorporated into the character’s lives. When death gets added into the mix, a lot of feelings start to develop. The emotions of pain, sorrow, loss, anger, revenge, and resolve all circulate after a death. Those emotions make one wonder what will happen and want to finish the game. Well, that was what happened to me anyway. Since I’m being honest, I wanted revenge. Revenge was what made me keep playing my game.

Last but not least, the game soundtrack was amazing. The music is more of an orchestra-based tone, but it was very edgy and, at times, calming. When a particular song played in the story, it was a sign that something important was about to happen.

I believe that my perspective and expectations were why Final Fantasy made such an impression on me. The expectations were more simplified back then than they are today.

Now that I am up to speed on things, what I will talk about now is the Final Fantasy remake. In a way, the Final Fantasy 7 remake had a lot to prove to old and new gamers. This game was published by Square-Enix in 2020, as a re-release or a reinvented title of the original Final Fantasy 7.

The company needed to appeal to the current generation and the people who played the previous Final Fantasy in 1997. I think that it is a good thing. It’s more of a refresh for this generation to show what a good story it was and take a chance to try to make it better. The one thing that I see that they’ve focused on this time around is the graphics.

This direction is understandable because, with the original Final Fantasy, you already have a foundation, and that can be built upon or changed however you want. That is the other reason why I believe that it is available in separate installments and chapters this time. They want to expand and tie together individual sections of the story from Final Fantasy‘s different games and movies. That way, we will get more of a whole story and more background on characters that were just as important to the story as the main protagonist. One of the reasons this game is more different from the past game is that it is less wordy, and what you read before, you can now see it visually.

The world is more open in this game. You see the slums of Medgar as what they are. The people who live there are visualized and not written in a passage of text. There is a vast representation of the different races of people in today’s world in this game. Because of this, it makes it more relatable to the person playing it. You see their race and gender and can talk to some of the people more this time. Do some odd jobs and end missions for the people who live in the world. It gives a fair value to working and how what you do in a community affects it. Life is more learned visually and situationally in this installment. Square worked hard on the graphics to be up to par as other games that played today.

One very cool thing about this Final Fantasy is that you can play Final Fantasy in real-time battle or go back to the Old Skool turn-based battle system, for this is another reason that young and old gamers can enjoy this game.

A second cool thing is wondering how things are changing with this game. How certain characters word things in this game makes me wonder how much of a change this game will make this time around. I know that it will be different than the original. But how much of a difference will it be?

Are they going to go along with the storyline of the past? That’s the best way I can say it without spoiling anything. However, the question of the matter is: How is this adventure going to end? Or will it be a new adventure altogether? It is a new focus and drive that will make me want to play more. What new characters will you discover, and what will the purpose for them be?

Last but not least, this game is more of an open world than it was before. Yes, the sections of the world are small at first. But it makes exploring it a joy and very fun. The music is still amazing as ever. This time though, they added more of today’s flavor to the mix.

In my opinion, both games have made a vast impression in both editions. The expectations of each time were different. So the games wore done in a way to meet the expectations of that time. I think that they did an excellent job of meeting those expectations.

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