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Saving Throw Creating Theatrical RPG Actual Plays, Tutorials & More

Are you always on the hunt for RPGs that are either new, exotic, classic, streamlined or all of the above? Are you also always seeking ways to improve your gameplay? There’s no better way to do this than through the Saving Throw Show Exploration Society—being relaunched right now on Patreon.

If you haven’t heard of Saving Throw, they’re one of the newest Twitch streams available on The Fantasy Network. They produce a wide range of content devoted to tabletop gaming, especially RPGs.

Saving Throw’s crew members play lots of indie games (New Pantheon: AcademiaRPG Exploration SocietyAll Games, No Masters), popular games like D&D (Dice Ex MachinaDark Lanterns), games with humor and heart (Salt Bay) and games with horror and grit (Wildcards). They even just chat about RPGs (Owlbear Soup)! They also teach RPGs through Tutorials and Play, to help others level up.

“We’re committed to raising up marginalized voices; introducing RPGs and playstyles you may never have heard of; and playing with diverse and inclusive tables,” say the Saving Throw team. And it’s more possible to do that with the support of fans through Patreon.

Check out their Patreon campaign here to  learn more about the cool rewards available and support fellow gamers.

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