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Gaming Goddesses Gear Up for Women’s Esports During Women’s Month

What makes a gaming goddess? See for yourself by tuning in to watch the live Call of Duty Women’s Invitational gaming event being hosted by The Athena Alliance CLT and live streaming February 27 and March 6, 2021 on Twitch — just in time for Women’s History Month.

A women’s gaming organization based out of the Carolinas, The Athena Alliance CLT’s mission is to support and celebrate women in the gaming industry and beyond by hosting tournaments, special events, and charity drives.

“In order to see more women participating in e-sports events, women have to be at the forefront of creating safe spaces for women to both compete and network with other like-minded women,” Athena Alliance CLT Founder Emi Vener stated. After hosting an event in partnership with Hitmarker and nonprofit Women in Games earlier this month, “Making Your Mark in Esports,” she has set out to do just that with this weekend and next weekend’s Call of Duty Women’s Invitational, a live gaming event that promises to offer great entertainment and mad skills.

A conversation between Vener and the owner of Black Nerd Swag, Lauren Hazel, was sparked due to the lack of coverage and recognition given to the APEX Legends Netflix invitational held in 2020, which was led by team captain Ninjayla. Striving to have others be involved, both women set out to create an event where women would be recognized and praised for in-game prowess. 

Logo for The Athena Alliance CLT Call of Duty Women's Invitational Gaming EventLaunching a series back in October 2020, The Athena Alliance CLT presented The Athena Arena: an all-women’s tournament that has garnered attention online and overseas due to its aim to increase women’s visibility in esports and fundraising of local charities that benefit women and others in the community. In September, they gathered groups and organizations with the idea to create new Call of Duty women teams with participation of Women in Games Ambassador, Emilia Rose. 

The teams have been practicing 2-3 times per week in preparation for the live event this weekend and next weekend. As Shizelle from the Black Gamer League, founded by Chris Davis, said, “[We’re] feeling good about this tournament. We’re really about to turn it all the way up!” 

It was important to the organizer for women to take the lead in the planning, so owners Annabel Ashalley-Anthony (Melanin Gamers) Brandii JaVia (Brown Girl Gamer Code) and April Bowler (H.A.G Entertainment) were reached out to as well for inclusion in their communities of women. 

The live event will feature Call of Duty: Modern Warfare across all platforms. Qualifying rounds take place on February 27, 2021, at 1:45 PM EST, live streaming on The Athena Alliance’s Twitch channel. Expect to see several powerhouse women’s teams competing, including Athena’s Warfare, Athena’s Vengeance, Black Gamer League, MG Royals, Aqualix Esports, Digital Fatales, and H.A.G. Hornets.

The finals take place the following Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 1:45PM EST, and they’ll be featured on Twitch’s Front Page. The top two teams from each organization will compete for top prizes and accolades, followed by interviews with the team captains and the winning team. CDL restrictions will be in place and it will be casted on the Athena Alliance CLT Twitch.

Joining the teams in celebrating the event are several businesses and organizations that believe in The Alliance’s mission—including their sponsor, Virtual Reload, and a host of brands, such as Black Nerd Swag, Black Gamer League, Melanin Gamers, Brown Girl Gamer Code, The Hip-Hop/Anime/Gaming Entertainment Group, and Aqualix Esports.

Catch the live gaming event on The Athena Alliance CLT’s Twitch channel.

For more information about The Athena Alliance CLT, visit their links page.

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