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Support Myrlan: Kickstarter’s #1 Fantasy Film Project

Shot in the rolling hills of Yorkshire… Explore the dense world of Myrlan and its people — where honor is tested by the sword.

That’s the concept for the exciting new indie short fantasy film, Myrlan, currently crowdfunding right now on Kickstarter through February 21. It’s a cool project, one you don’t want to miss out on.

The Kickstarter for the film has held the number one spot as Most Popular Fantasy Film Worldwide, and also recently made it into the Top 10 Most Popular Films Worldwide. Funding will go straight into production and distribution, and donors will see their efforts right on screen — in costumes, props, film festival showings, and more.

The team behind the production

The film is being created by Pale Raven Pictures, an independent film company based in Sheffield, UK. Pale Rave Pictures started making films “as a way for aspiring actors, filmmakers and anyone trying to make themselves a career within the creative arts industry to showcase their work and gain vital experience in a profession that is extremely hard to break into,” their website explains.

Myrlan will continue that mission, with over 40 independent artists in line to help with production of the short film.

Stay tuned for the film’s debut on TFN

Once Myrlan completes production, it’s getting a distribution home on The Fantasy Network. “The Fantasy Network is thrilled to sign Myrlan for first run streaming on our platform,” says Ben Dobyns, TFN President. “Helping crowdfunded film and television serve their backers is a large part of our mission, and we can’t wait to welcome this community of supporters to The Fantasy Network!”

“You can still back this film until February 21, 2021,” say the team at Pale Raven Pictures. “Any pledge from £3 gets an invite to our online screening this summer. Otherwise, the film will be released online after a festival run next year!”

Back the Kickstarter now — through February 21

View the latest with Myrlan right now on Kickstarter — and join in supporting the film through February 21.

Check out the Kickstarter video pitch below.

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