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ElfQuest: The Audio Movie Is Coming to TFN

Elfquest: The Audio Movie Coming to TFN

Richard and Wendy Pini of Warp Graphics, Fred Greenhalgh of Dagaz Media, and Ben Dobyns, President of The Fantasy Network, are thrilled to announce a joint venture to adapt the classic fantasy comic, ElfQuest, as a cinematic ‘audio movie’ experience with an anticipated cast of more than 40 voice actors, original sound design, and a lush orchestral score. Details about ...

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Gaming Goddesses Gear Up for Women’s Esports During Women’s Month

Athena Alliance Call of Duty Women's Gaming Invitational article on The Fantasy Network News

What makes a gaming goddess? See for yourself by tuning in to watch the live Call of Duty Women’s Invitational gaming event being hosted by The Athena Alliance CLT and live streaming February 27 and March 6, 2021 on Twitch — just in time for Women’s History Month. A women’s gaming organization based out of the Carolinas, The Athena Alliance CLT’s mission is ...

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Filming on a Deadline: The Making of The Swordswoman

The Swordswoman by Sam Weston, interview on The Fantasy Network News

If making a film in 48 hours sounds intimidating, crazy, and exhilarating fun, you’re right — about all of it. And it just may be the excuse you need to create a film that explores the story you’ve always wanted to tell. That’s what inspires filmmaker Sam Weston, who made his entertaining short film The Swordswoman for the 48-Hour Film ...

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Paragon: The Shadow Wars, with Danny Trejo, Premieres on TFN

Watch Paragon: The Shadow Wars starring Danny Trejo on The Fantasy Network

Buckle up! Paragon: The Shadow Wars, the sci-fi/adventure TV series starring Danny Trejo, Franziska Schissler and Justin Price premieres today on The Fantasy Network. And you will not want to miss this action-packed entertainment. In a world where Reapers take souls and demons bargain with humans for their place among the food chain, a new descendent named Jael has emerged to stop Death’s ...

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New Strowlers Stories: Join the Live Event

Strowlers new episodes coming to The Fantasy Network

The most recent Strowlers Kickstarter is completed, and the creators of this highly popular indie web series are thrilled to reveal what’s coming next within the Strowlerverse. Join Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE), a global team of story-tellers, and your host, Abie Ekenezar, for an exciting Strowlers livestream on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Don’t miss the big news, great views, ...

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Ready to Con Online? Check Out Capital Sci Fi Con 2021

Tired of being stuck at home and ready to venture into the convention world again? We feel you. Cons are one of the things we miss the most right now, but it’s not time to meet in person yet. Still, there’s plenty happening online — like Scotland’s Capital Sci Fi Con 2021 (CSFC), taking place virtually on Saturday, March 13. ...

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TheHighHeeledGamer: A Gaming Advice Column

Welcome to our new contributor from The Athena Alliance — TheHighHeeledGamer — who will be answering questions from gamers in this ongoing column. This month, we’re tackling next gen consoles, new school vs retro games, and more. * Dear H.H.G., My partner and I are having problems choosing between next gen consoles. Do you think one is better than the other ...

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Support Myrlan: Kickstarter’s #1 Fantasy Film Project

Myrlan - coming soon to The Fantasy Network

Shot in the rolling hills of Yorkshire… Explore the dense world of Myrlan and its people — where honor is tested by the sword. That’s the concept for the exciting new indie short fantasy film, Myrlan, currently crowdfunding right now on Kickstarter through February 21. It’s a cool project, one you don’t want to miss out on. The Kickstarter for ...

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Saving Throw to Benefit The Trevor Project with Charity Marathon

Can Twitch streaming do good in the world? The crew at Saving Throw says yes. One of the live streaming shows on The Fantasy Network’s new Twitch page, Saving Throw is dedicated to helping people discover, learn and enjoy RPGs in an inclusive and entertaining way. And they’re hosting a charity fundraising marathon to benefit The Trevor Project this Sunday, February ...

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Reimagining a Traditional Biblical Story: Jonah’s Voyage to Atlantis

Jonah's Voyage to Atlantis

What do you get when you blend a well-known character of Biblical proportions with a mysterious myth that still captivates people today, and add in a touch of inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien? If you’re comic creator Philip Kosloski, you get an imaginative new story, Jonah’s Voyage to Atlantis — which tells a version of Jonah’s tale that is superbly inventive. Taking ...

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