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Fan-Favorite LARPS Now on AMZ Prime, Up for Renewal

LARPs season 3 in the works and more news on The Fantasy Network News

Taking down bad guys, shooting your friends, and exploring romance are completely normal during a live-action roleplaying game. But in the live-action role-playing comedy, LARPs, things aren’t always as easy as you’d hope. The LARPs characters discover they can’t keep their normal lives and their play entirely separate. Real life? In-game? It’s sometimes hard to tell.

LARPs Building a Wider Audience on Amazon Prime

If you’ve seen LARPs, then you know how relatable the action is. That’s just one reason why the show is popular—so popular, in fact, that this indie web series has made its way to one of the big beasts of web series distribution, Amazon Prime.

The Fantasy Network is proud to have been part of that exciting process, which makes the show available to viewers now in 17 countries. (Check out what the Montreal filmmakers behind LARPs had to say about it.)

Help Us Renew LARPs for a Third Season

And we’re committed to helping the LARPs team continue building on their success. As the creators plan their next season, it’s time to start planning the renewal process. You can easily get involved in making that happen.

Simply visit the LARPs page on TFN and join the pre-funding list to show the creators that you’re ready to pledge for a campaign to fund Season 3.

Remember, LARPs is now creator-owned and fan-supported, which means that you have the power to renew the show and continue the story. You’ll be supporting indie SFF creators and ensuring you get the entertainment that matters to you most at the same time.

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